The Eternal Spring

Here are my favorite programs

  1. Whole World Foundation – help a charitable foundation and help yourself as well. Nothing passive about this. You sponsor or you dont get paid!
  2. FutureAdPro and FutureNet – read my step by step guide to setting yourself financially free with this amazing business!
  3. EvoBinary – automated forex trading service producing 27% monthly gains with documented track records.  English Business Presentation – also has a powerful unilevel and binary MLM – 3rd party verified resultsperformance results and other info – 500 euros minimum to start earning passively.
  4. Autonomous Wealth Cooperative Club – A Trader we know runs this and produces way more than the 1% per day he pays us. $20 minimum to start earning passively. Join the Skype room and have a voice chat with the founders.
  5. Optioment – 2% weekly, passively – recent English webinar.
  6. Recyclix – 14% profit every 5 weeks – enter F0C8-8D65-324A as your “Master” (a better word would be sponsor IMHO). Download this informative brochure. 20 euros minimum to start earning passively.
  7. Karatbars – the New Gold Money! Passive income from expenditures. Nothing passive about this. You sponsor or you don’t get paid!
  8. MultiWinPlan – 100% monthly ROI for 2-5 years by supporting well-researched crowdfunded new innovative products. Watch this video for details. $149 minimum to start earning passively.
  9. ADSactly – a cooperative you need to be in so that you can hear what our members are up to and so they can hear what you are up to. (quick overview, white paper). Very deep program with huge passive earning potential. Does not matter how much you put in.
  10. All in One Profits – suite of internet marketing tools for affordable price. Nothing passive about this. You sponsor or you dont get paid!
  11. SignalPush – binary options signals
  12. Renatus – Real Estate Investing Education. Nothing passive about this. You sponsor or you dont get paid!
  13. The Billon Coin, CoinLeaders/DAS Coin and any of the cryptocurrencies whose price only goes up. Passive. Highly controversial program.
  14. OneCoin
  15.  Four Corners Alliance – one-time $18 payment

Lead Generation

  1. ADSactly Hits – the feeder into wide wide world of the full stack cooperative ADSactly. Runs on the Open Source Traffic Exchange script we developed. Pays benefits in spendable crypto.
  2. Marketer’s Co-Op – start mining this now. The coins are valued at $20 each and  you can mine about 10 per day on a cheap laptop. It runs the same open source traffic exchange script, which incidentally was developed by the admin of Marketer’s Co-Op, Bruce Bates.
  3. Global Money Line – automatic lead generation… for free! Very Powerful
  4. ADSactly Hits –
  5. Million Leads for Free
  6. Guaranteed Solo Mails
  7. ListJoe
  8. Leads Leap – awesome traffic source.
  9. MLM Recruit on Demand – unlimited leads for only $15 or $115 or $100/month (depending on what you want in terms of prospecting, presenting and follow-up)
  10. My friend Wilfred’s Solo Ad Service


My favorite Windows VPS Hosting is at Interserver. Great customer service. No frills. 14 years of experience. Here is info on how to remote into your VPS.

What is The Eternal Spring?

The Eternal Spring is many things:

  1. A spiritual experience I once had. I was at a Christian Science nursing home. The lady Judith Harvey Malone, told me her story how she healed from a massive car accident simply by placing her mind on a bible verse. Being in her presence and hearing her explanation led to this “welling up” of an eternal fountain of healing that I knew was the source of all healing and life.
  2. A book I am writing whose primary focus is compound interest
  3. An umbrella term for my various activities integrating spirituality (whatever that is) with earning residual income through (1) Investing & Trading, (2) Network Marketing, (3) Tax Preparation, and (4) Cashback Advertising


Money Exchangers

  • changer
  • rchange
  • magneticexchange