More USD/JPY success

Two signals in about 1.5 weeks with USDJPY:

And yes, another success:


SSo he’s batting 4 for 4 = 100% success rate. He’s honest and admits he’s human. His long-term success rate is over 80% – which is all you need with Binary Options anyway.


Today the head trader at Traderush hit us in the early morn’ with these signals:

[1/15/13 4:10:20 AM] Bruce Williams: USD/JPY up for the end of the day!
[1/15/13 4:10:31 AM] Bruce Williams: Good rate: 88.774 or lower…
[1/15/13 8:09:45 AM] Bruce Williams: USD/CAD 20:30 DOWN
Gold 21:00 DOWN
USD/JPY 23:00 UP

And I went in on USD/JPY and Gold. And I won on both. So that is 3 out of 3 so far.


Traderush success!

This morning the head trader at Traderush, skyped our private group, saying:

[1/14/13 5:01:20 AM]  Bruce Williams: USD/JPY Up for the end of the day!
[1/14/13 4:48:48 AM] Bruce Williams: A good rate is 89.409…
[1/14/13 5:01:39 AM] Terrence Brannon: I just went in with a call and the price was just below 89.409

So the times above are EST, or GMT-5. And all day, this Instrument went down and down and I was wondering what made him choose this signal and I was sure I was going to lose my money, but at the end of the day, my $25 trade led to this payout: