Trading the NFP

On March 1, 2013 we see a rather non-excited NFP action:


In the image below, the arrow is pointing to the April 5, 2013 NFP announcement:

The arrow is pointing to 13:30 GMT on May 3, 2013 – the date of the last NFP announcement. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to trade this news event?

Some comments from an FXM Member:

put 2 pending orders, one buy 5 pips above the 200 fib of the last cycle, and a sell 5 pips under 200% reverse fib
or, wait the initial 15 pips have passed, spread normalised, and then ride the trend
use correlating pairs for more profits, like eu and usdchf, and especially yen pairs
the big boys get the NFP (and all other economic data) 24 hours before the public release, so 90% of the time the up coming NFP move is already priced in
also, some analysts use fibs on paper FED employment charts, and take into count the last months data on all fronts to estimate the NFP

looks like I’d better make it through Grade 3, “Fibonacci” to understand even a part of what you said –