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Martingale Killer

11 bear closes in a row: If you bet the other direction, I feel sorry for you.

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Traderush success!

This morning the head trader at Traderush, skyped our private group, saying: [1/14/13 5:01:20 AM]  Bruce Williams: USD/JPY Up for the end of the day! [1/14/13 4:48:48 AM] Bruce Williams: A good rate is 89.409… [1/14/13 5:01:39 AM] Terrence Brannon: I just went in with a call and the price was just below 89.409 So […]

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Learning Binary Options

Lesson 1 – RSI: Relative Strength Index lets you know if an instrument is overbought or oversold. At TradeRush we use a period value of 8 instead of the default 14 and we set our resolution to 10 minutes, even though it is known to work for all period choices. You also need to see […]

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