All in One Profits THE REAL TEAM Success Stories

The only success criteria for home business is PAID SIGN-UPS and we have them. In fact we have so many, so fast, that we now maintain them in a spreadsheet.

The list below is outdated! See the spreadsheet for the latest.

DateSponsorTraffic SourceReferral
5/10/17Arrais Nafie?Renarda Ford
5/9/17Klaus BieselVikrant Bapat
5/8/17Garry Smith?Helga W
5/3/2017Joey WilsonTerrence Hopkins
5/1/2017Florence RobertsonHe was surfing 10 different ones at the same time so he's not sure, but he saw Florence's linkMatthew Pugh
4/30/2017Florence RobertsonEd was posting in safelists all day. Not sure which one.Bruce Salmon/a>
4/28/2017Florence Robertson?
4/28/2017Arrais Nafie?Ocaka Bosco
4/26/2017Derrick JohnsonstartexchangeDavid Leroy
4/25/2017Aspi SimpleCEO MarketingFlorence Robertson
4/23/17David Stoddard Mister Safelist? No Your Viral MailerHenry Dueck
4/20/2017Joey WilsonWilliam Parker
4/14/2017Jan CabreraHerculist and Referral frenzyjaihiong ling
4/14/2017Jan CabreraAndrew Fenny
4/12/2017Jan CabreraRon Anderson
4/11/2017Arrais NafieHerculist and Referral FrenzyVanessa Minor
4/5/2017Arrais NafieReferral FrenzyMalcom Wright
4/4/2017Joey WilsonJarmo Renner
4/4/2017Arrais Nafierwin budiman
4/3/2017Klaus Biesel?Jan Cabrera
3/31/2017Michael SharpStephan Painter
3/28/17Jerry WorshamInstant Viral MailerOlumide Idowu
3/28/19Karalee JohnsonDebra Allen
3/22/17Harvey Moore4sellers2buyersMilena Stojkovic
3/21/17Joey WilsonPeter Nickson
3/21/17Harvey Moore?Jitendra Goswami
3/19/17Klaus?David Stoddard
3/17/17KlausMillion Leads 4 Free
3/15/17Joey WilsonReferral Frenzysimpleaspi


[10:05:16 AM] Klaus Biesel: got one more under me at AIOP, next goes to you
[2:41:04 PM] Terrence Brannon: nice. what traffic source?
[7:05:58 PM] Klaus Biesel: My splash via Millionleads4free via my blog
[7:06:22 PM] Klaus Biesel: I use ML4U FREE only
[7:06:29 PM] Terrence Brannon: I remember


[8:05:48 AM] Joey Wilson: New referral. Pass-Up to Garry Smith.  simpleaspi, Afaf Bahurmuz
[9:47:50 AM] Garry Smith: Great job Joey
[9:48:21 AM] Joey Wilson: Thank you. ūüôā
[9:54:43 AM] Harvey Moore: Great Job Joey
[9:55:27 AM] Joey Wilson: Thank you, Harvey.
[9:55:44 AM] Harvey Moore: Just curious about how you are promoting this
[9:56:35 AM] Joey Wilson: I use mailers for all my promoting. I belong to a lot of different ones.
[9:57:06 AM] Harvey Moore: Do you use any of the tools like Safelist Genie or Referral Frenzy?
[9:57:56 AM] Joey Wilson: Referral Frenzy. I use The Safelist Organizer to keep my credits up.
[9:58:27 AM] Harvey Moore: The Safelist Organizer helps you click or get credits?
[9:59:08 AM] Joey Wilson: It opens the links automatically or you. I use this daily and it saves me hours of time.
[9:59:47 AM] Harvey Moore: Really?¬† How much is it?¬† I’ve been using Click Earner but am willing to try something different.
[10:00:33 AM] Joey Wilson: Free 14 day trial. Then $5 monthly. I used Click Earner but this works a lot better.
[10:01:08 AM] Harvey Moore: Really?  Do you have a link I can check it out?
[10:03:55 AM] Joey Wilson: Go to this link. There is a banner at the top of the page for my link.
[10:04:07 AM] Harvey Moore: Thank you sir
[10:04:23 AM] Joey Wilson: You’re welcome


Elizabeta Ramsak was in AIOP twice before and got not refs. She got one on her first day with our team.

Here is a screenshot of the Skype conversation.



The real key to online marketing

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Klaus Biesel
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To our success
Klaus Biesel aka Klausius
on behalf of my team members <<<<< this is my actual mailswipe team members may copy it rewrite on your name and get some mails out

All in One Profits – The REAL TEAM

Some neat quotes from our Skype room. Won’t you come and join us?

Klaus Biesel
 Jasper, you can now start promoting AIOP using the splash I gave you. As soon you have your first paid downline, please promote on your downlines behalf
 Most teams fail, because members do promote their own account only, but our team is real and we promote DOWNWARDS as promised here is a 468 banner make use of it point the link to your TEAM rotator here is a short guide for new members in our team and more promo material , now I take a break, I decided I earned it lol

3 Reasons to Join MultiWinPlan for Long-Term Passive Income

 This is a long-term passive income opportunity based on real sales of amazing and unique products that will have a lot of purchase volume.

Fund as many project as you want with $149 or $299 and earn the same amount every month for 3 or 5 years.

The more project you fund the more you earn.

Your earning come from real sales made by the biggest reseller in the world such as Amazon.


This little guy will make me earn $ 3600 per year for 5 years


This smart watch-strap  will make me earn $ 5400 per year for 5 years

CT-BAND won 2 AWARDS at CES Paris and selected for CES Las Vegas in January 2017



This cableless charging surface  will make me earn $ 7200 per year for 3 years

$ 16.200 per year for five years , $ 66.600 in total

And it is just with 3 products without referrals! Share this opportunity and earn a lot more:

  • Commission from the suscription of your direct and indirect referrals
  • Percentage of the royalties that your referrals earn from the sales!

Adpack Odyssey: FutureAdPro Guide to Financial Freedom

futurenet adpro logo

Welcome to FutureAdPro!

FutureAdPro is the cashback advertising arm of FutureNet, the world’s first social network that does not share your information with advertisers or government agencies and pays you handsomely for being their business member.

For those who do not need a lot of fluff,

Here is a quick business overview

Here is an overview of how to slowly grow your cash empire.


Now for the details. Let’s first take a look at the parent company, FutureNet, before learning how to slowly and steadily build your FutureAdPro¬†business.

What is FutureNet?

FutureNet is a 4 year-old company headquartered in Wroclaw, POLAND operating primarily in social media. Facebook is currently the most popular social media platform. But, FutureNet promises to take the number 1 spot for the simple reason that they pay all members for being a part of their social network. Everyday users earn small amounts and progressive entrepreneurs can build sizeable incomes with focused effort. FutureNet holds the #6 position in the Alexa ratings amongst all direct selling companies.

futurenet biuro

FutureAdPro: cashback advertising on steroids.

FutureNet had been growing steadily for 2 years or so when the child project FutureAdPro was launched. FutureAdPro is a traffic exchange site that profits you with cashback on your advertising. Whether you buy $10.00 or $50 worth of advertising, you are entitled to 20% profit on your purchase (meaning you get back $12 or $60 for your purchase). This means that FutureNet allows you to leverage the 8th wonder of the world Рcompound interest.

With FutureAdPro (FAP), you can advertising out of profit instead of draining your pockets. An advertising purchase starts attracting loyalty cashback revenue 15 minutes after your purchase. That’s right. You earn every 15 minutes on your purchase and are entitled to these earnings until your adpack matures and you have 20% more cash than you put in.

Just as my overview video showed, you can slowly grow yourself a cash empire, without referring anyone. Just qualify for commissions by clicking on 10 ads per day.

Once you are earning enough income to grow your adpacks, it’s time to buy paid advertising. And that is where the multi-level compensation plan will reward you even more.

FutureAdPro referral bonuses

In FutureAdPro you earn on one referral level for free. For earning on more levels, as well as receiving the landing page system, you purchase a subscription.

futurenet adpro commissions



Your Journey to Financial Freedom With FutureAdPro and FutureNet

STEP 1: buy as many ad packs as you can at FutureAdPro

Start with $10.00 ad packs or $50 ad packs.

Use your profits from these ad packs to buy more ad packs.

STEP 2: Use some of your profits for more profit and some of it for marketing

Once you have enough ad packs that your profits will keep buying more ad packs, then start using some profits for marketing:

upgrade your business level at FutureAdPro to Level III or higher so that you can access the landing page system.

Start buying quality paid traffic, such as from my friend Wilfred.

STEP 3: Upgrade your business level at FutureNet

Purchase Royal as soon as possible perhaps even at Step 1.

STEP 4: Kick back and enjoy your ever-increasing income!

Welcome to financial freedom!



What Industry Leaders Don’t Want You to Know

This post is by Bruce Bates, President of The Marketer’s Cooperative.

Hello my friends,
This email is a MEGA long newsletter based email that may be in your best interest as a marketer and/or business owner to read. It does not contain any links. 
My goal is not to get you to click and join things. I am not like other marketers you may know. My goal as the president of the marketers cooperative, is to help you learn how to succeed.
The fact is everyone thinks they know what it takes and most spend years struggling until they give up. Do you know why? 
Its because they get caught in the trap of doing what others tell them to do, instead of doing what others are actually doing. Its something everyone seems to fall prey to when they first start marketing. 
They follow industry leaders, and join all the things leaders tell them to join and do all the things leaders tell them, and what do they find? They make leaders lots of money so others can fall for the same gimmicks. 
So today, I am going to tell you a couple tips leaders don’t want you to know. I am going to share insider tips that will propel your marketing to entirely new heights.¬†
Best of all I am going to do it without sharing a single link or conning you into joining yet another traffic building program. 


So you want to be a super affiliate right? You want to be the guy (or gal) everyone comes to become you bring with you all the right people right? Who doesn’t want to be a super affiliate?¬†
Well I am going to give you the biggest secret anyone can ever tell you. Referral Contest leader boards are your NUMBER ONE ally. What does that mean? 
It means the single most hidden gem on the internet used by the elites and industry leaders, are the referral contest leader boards OTHER people post. 
How does it work? Very simple. You join a website. You look at their referral contests. You see who the top referrers are. You reach out to those people socially. You praise them. You flatter them. You tell them how awesome they are. 
You invite them to your website or your business. You do this over and over and over on every single site you can find that has a leaderboard of top referrers 
Most will be busy promoting other things. This is why they are top referrers. Do not be discouraged and do not give up. 
Continue to reach out until you find a small handful to join you. It only takes 5 or 6 people that can refer 100+ people each. Suddenly your website and or business…. starts to explode.¬†


Did you know that more than 40% of what a person does online is preceded by a search of some sort? Its not always about Google or Bing or search engines, but most tasks online start with someone searching for something. 
People search social networks for posts they remember seeing, they search for articles to learn about things, they search video sites to learn about things….. the fact is everyone is searching.¬†
There is no power online greater than the power of written text. 
Video marketers don’t like to admit this but the fact is, without text, a video can’t really be indexed. Something has to define how it will be found in search and audio and video can’t yet be indexed without good old fashion text.¬†
So what does this mean for you as a marketer? It means you need to focus on SEO, and focusing on SEO means focusing on text. How? Something you have heard for a long time but no one ever bothered to explain to you Рarticle marketing. 
First of all, never ever ever spin articles, never re-write articles, and never submit the same article twice anywhere. Just don’t do it. That is rule one. If you don’t want to trust me on this, thats okay. You can do it the hard way. I did once.¬†
Second, stop seeing article marketing as article marketing. Thats really the biggest key no one wants to share. When you write an article about your business or website, you should not be writing an article that you intend to market. 
So what should you be doing? Writing an article that is geared to a target audience. 
This may sound strange, but its the fact. Imagine you are about to stand up in front of a crowd of 500 people. You have to explain your products, services, business, website, website usage, etc. to people who have never before heard anything about it. 
What would you say? You want these people to come to you at the end of your speech and ask you to join. So you need to make whatever you say compelling. THAT is what your article should look like. It doesn’t need to be long. It simply needs to convey your message.
A good 500 word article, will do wonders for your website and business. So where do you submit these articles? Well that is the real trick. What the experts would have you believe is you need software that auto submits to hundreds, even thousands of article directories. NOTHING could be further from the truth. 
Articles should be submitted in places where people are social. There are plenty of sites and the list is endless. Linkedin is a great place to submit articles. There is also apsense which offers both articles and review submissions. There is of course the ever popular steemit. There are blogs and guest posts. There are forums. Truthfully the list is endless.
Now I am not suggesting people go out and write up thousands of articles and shift their business practices. Instead I am suggesting spending 30 minutes each day typing up a nice original article, and finding a new site to submit it to. 
Every day 1 new article, never spend more than 30 minutes typing it up, think outside the box on places to submit your articles. Thats all there is to it. 


Marketers Cooperative website, OSMP, offers you an absolute first and original concept in organic content. We are the first site ever on the internet to introduce an article exchange. 
You write up 3 sentence criteria for the article, you create a title for article, you add a link and your link text, and you make a credit offer to others. 
In turn others can then find your offer, go out on the internet, type up and article using your criteria, and earn credits and rewards for it. 
It is organic in the fact others must follow your criteria but they are also writing their own unique hand written article and submitting it to a random website on the internet. It is impossible for google to detect as “cheating” because no lists of article sites are maintained.¬†
This is truly a magic little tool. 
To help you understand this tool a little better and to get you more familiar with OSMP and the way our website works, we have added our own article request to the exchange. 
One can earn a very handsome 500 credits for following the instructions and writing up a nice article about the marketers cooperative and OSMP somewhere on the internet. 
To check this out, log into your cooperative website account, visit offsite advertising from the left hand menu, and then click the “article exchange”. Be sure to read the “how it works” to fully understand.¬†
I hope everyone enjoys the site, finds much success, and finds our cooperative to be useful as we move forward in progress towards the future. 
Bruce Bates

Announcing Referral Bank

Referral Bank is a concept I have been playing for awhile. It’s similar to the website referral key. Except that we operate in a Skype room. The idea is this:

Everyone wants to get referrals for their programs. And the best people to register are other business builders. That how MLM Recruit on Demand came about.

But you know what is better than inviting another networker to look at your business? Calling him up to join his… assuming he wants to do a fair and equal swap with you and your biz!

That Referral Bank. It’s called a bank because you build up your trust based on how long you have been in and how many swaps you have done successfully.

Here is a link to our Skype room and here is our spreadsheet of members