The Rhythmic Approach to Building Your Home Business

Building a home business requires finding interested people. Actually with Wealth Creations Network, the people will find you. But let’s get back to actively going after people and guaging their interest. You will either buy leads, traffic, or advertising to get them or find a way to get leads, traffic or advertising for free.

What we discuss here is a way for you to profit from your advertising. This way, you never feel like you are running on empty because more money is going out to find people than is coming in from commission. I want to thank my friend Tony Juan Ortiz for this idea. What I post here is nothing but what he taught me.

The basic approach is brilliant, and here it is, summarized:

  1. Order your cashback advertising (advertising which pays you more money than you put into it), start with 1-6 ad packs ($50 to $300).
  2. Take the profits from cashback advertising to buy more ad packs
  3. Eventually you will be making enough profit to split the profit between more ad packs and a traffic package.
  4. Eventually you will be making enough profit to split the profit between more ad packs and a solo ad.
  5. Your advertising will eventually bring you 2 motivated sign-ups, which is all you need to make a good living in most home business comp plans. Those 2 people will then take over this rhythmic practice of building a home business.
Register for Traffic Monsoon

There are many sites which allow you to generate profit from your investment in advertising. Many of them. I believe My Advertising Pays was first. However, what I found was that around 90 or so ad packs, you hit a wall and cannot go any higher. I do like Mo Brabus, but I cannot recommend them just yet as they seem to have startup pains — various technical issues crop up on a regular basis. Also, Traffic Monsoon accepts PayPal, which is very convenient.

So there you have it, registering at Traffic Monsoon is your first step towards creating a profitable home business.

Ad Packs are priority
First you want to get to 10 active ad packs. I would advise against buying all 10 at one time because they will all mature at the same time. I.e, one day you have a lot of packs, and then the next day, the floor drops out when all 10 expire. And then you have to work your way up again. Personally, I bought approximately 1 ad pack per week using the broke man plan.
The broke man plan is buying the first ad pack for $50 and then using a combination of your daily revenues and your money to buy ad packs from then on until you hit 10. How this worked out for me was I got my first ad pack for $50. One week later, I had around $8 in my account and was able to get my 2nd ad pack for approx $42. 2 weeks later, I had around $15 in my account and was able to get my 3rd ad pack for approx $35 and so on.
I did this until I had 10 active ad packs. Once I had 10, I was able to buy a new ad pack approx every 5 days from my daily earnings and not my pockets.
Adding Traffic Packages to the mix
Once I hit 10 ad packs, I would be able to buy a new ad pack every week and I started buying a $9 traffic package once per week. I would do this without fail!
The Traffic Packages

I would buy a weekly traffic package based on the amount of active ad packs I have.
For example, once I hit 16 active ad packs, I would buy the 10,000 clicks. Once I hit 38 active ad packs, then would buy the 25,000 clicks once per week with profits. I will not buy any higher traffic packages than $38 per week.
Solo Ads
Once I got to around 40 active ad packs, I begin to purchase $50 campaign to the mix. So for 3 weeks out of each month, I buy as many ad packs as I can but I limit myself to purchasing a max of 2 ad packs per day no matter how much money I have in the account. For the 4th week, I would let all my daily earnings accumulate and withdraw it.
I would take that money and go back over to UDIMI and buy more Solo Ads to keep the traffic flow rolling in.
Once I hit 50 active ad packs, I stopped buying my weekly traffic packages and just replaced them with solo ads.
How my traffic buying schedule looks like now.
One week out of each month, I let my daily earnings accumulate and for that week that money goes to what ever I want it to go to example to paying my monthly Marketing Tool Suite.
The remaining 3 weeks, I buy up to 2 ad packs per day and withdraw $50-100 (depending) and buy solo ads. Using this service, you can buy solo ads from trusted vendors and schedule them. I aim to schedule solo ads every single week
Putting all these traffic pieces together will give you enough people coming into your sales funnel that prove profitable. You must commit to the process!
Hopefully I have painted a clear picture.
Create a free Traffic Monsoon account HERE
Create a free solo ad account HERE
and let’s make some money!
Look out for email tomorrow Solo Ad Training coming this is where you learn what is Solo Ad and how you start to get lot’s of quality traffic to your website which means more leads and sales for you.