Beware the Referral Frenzy Madness

[5:06:40 AM] Klaus Biesel: I am holding back today as the referral frenzy madness is still ongoing,
[5:06:56 AM] Matthew Pugh: What madness is that?
[5:07:01 AM] arrais.nafie: Hi Klaus, I am fine I hope you are also
[5:07:37 AM] Klaus Biesel: on the first 2 days of the month everybody send its earned bonus credits to all mailers where they are free as well
[5:08:11 AM] Klaus Biesel: number of mils is increasing by 100 percent and ctr drops at the same rate due to nobody reads more than usual

Klaus Biesel
at those days I only mail with ressources where I really have unlimted ressources
i save those FREE credits until close to the end of the month against the mainstream 🙂