This is how a home business professional invites

# Part 1

Just to encourage you and let you know how easy it is to give out your personalized cards . . . let me share a little bit of my yesterday. Now I have more than enough people to work with, but as yet I only have one person that is doing the formula . . . so I continue to give out cards until I find people that are willing to do whatever it takes to get their 2 good people. I will encourage people to keep the vision before them and to put a little effort everyday into sharing cards and links to get a steady stream of people looking at the training video . . . but if they are not willing to do what it takes . . . I will find others that will. So today, I decided to keep a supply of my cards with me and look for opportunities to give them to people I encountered.

My first stop of the day was to get some gas. It was apparent that the person working the booth did not have much to do as most people pay by credit card at the pump. They probably are getting minimum wage and are have got to be bored most of the day. I thought that this would be a good candidate for me to bless with one of my cards. After pumping the gas, I went up to her both and said that I have already paid for the gas, but I wanted to give her something that she might find very interesting. I gave her the card and simply said if she could use some extra money, that she should watch a free video that could change her financial future. I added, “If you like what you see, no more than a $5 bill will ever come out of your pocket.” I walked back to my car thinking how easy this was to do.

On my way to my next stop, I drove through the campus of Missouri State University. I saw students walking everywhere. I didn’t have time to stop because I was on my way to a birthday party. But again, I thought how easy it would be to walk around the campus, approaching a student and saying, “Excuse me, if you have just a second, I want to give you something of great value. I know most students could use extra money, right? This card I want to give you has the url that will give you access to a detailed, 45 minute training video that explains how you can generate over $9,000 in 9 weeks. The video is Free and if you like what you see no more than a $5 bill, the price of a cup of coffee, will ever come out of your pocket. This does not take much time. It only requires that you have a computer. Do you have a computer? Are you willing to take 45 minutes to check out something that could change your financial future?” If they said yes I would give them the card. If not, I would go to the next student. I only have 40,000 students to choose from. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and couldn’t stop. But I wanted to let you know about a great place to give out your card. I mentioned this in the card manual that is in the files section of the group, but I thought it was worth repeating for those that have yet to read the pdf. If you have a college or university in your city you have a gold mine waiting for you to prospect at.

# Part 2

My next stop was the health food store. Outside the store was a worker collecting signatures for 3 petitions that would get specific issues on the ballot for a vote by Missouri residents. After listening to his pitch I signed the one of the three that I could support. I then told him that many years ago I had taken a job doing what he was doing, so I know he was not making much money. I handed him a card and told him about the free training video. Because he did not have anyone else to talk to I was able to have a good conversation with him. He was very interested and I thought to myself that this had the potential of being good seed sown. I then went into the health food store to make my purchase. When I checked out I handed a card to the clerk and quickly said that if they could use some extra money they should check out the free video at the url on the card. I think they politely took the card, but I don’t have a lot of confidence that they will look at the video . . . but you never know when you are randomly scattering seed (cards). I noticed a store two doors down that was having a sale, so I went in to make a purchase and once again gave a card to the clerk taking my money. She seemed very interested, but once again you have no way of knowing who will watch the video . . . and who won’t.

I next had to rush to get to the birthday party I was invited to. I was not planning on giving a card out here. However in a conversation with someone I hadn’t seen in a couple of years they were sharing that they were now working a construction job and that it was hard on their body. I told him I could identify, because many years ago when I was older than him I took a job for an auction company that required moving furniture out of houses and often down flights of stairs. I told him I understood how when your body has taken a beating day after day, it makes you want to look into other ways of making money. I gave him a card and he was very open to what I was sharing with him.

My next stop was a bookstore (one of my favorite places). I made a purchase and once again left a card with the one taking my money. I then went to two grocery stores. At the first one, when the clerk saw me take a card out of his pocket, he immediately said he wasn’t interested before I had even told him about it. I said no more. You will find closed minded people like that who are destined to work minimum wage jobs their whole life everywhere you go. Don’t let it phase you. You are mining for gold nuggets . . . not fool’s gold.

My final stop for the day was at a second grocery store. The clerk scanning my groceries politely took my card . . . another seed sown. On the way out, I had another person looking for signatures for the petition approach me. After signing one of his petitions, I gave him a card and told him about the free training video. He was VERY interested. But you know . . . when you are scattering seed, you don’t know which will take root and which seed will be blown away. Someone who looks interested may not follow through and watch the video and someone who takes the card without saying a word, might go home, watch the video . . . catch the vision and be one of your committed two. You never know . . . Your job is just to keep sowing the seed.

So for the day, without going out of my way at all, I gave my card out to 8 different people. I just had to make sure I kept my cards with me and I had to look for opportunities to give them away. Tomorrow I am going to post a very important article on “Scattering The Seed” and the 3 categories of people that will be receiving that seed. Be sure to check it out . . .

# Part 3

When you give out your personalized card you are scattering seed. In the Bible there is a parable that talks about seed falling on rocky ground, thorny ground and on good ground. When you give out your card, you have no idea what kind of “ground” a person receiving that card is going to be. Your job is to scatter the seed . . . let the seeds or the cards fall where they will. You are putting the video in front of people and that video will reveal what kind of ground a particular person is.

Some seed will fall on thorny ground and be choked never to sprout. You will give out cards to people who have a negative mind set, not at all open to new opportunities. Usually these are people that find a reason not to watch the video or not to watch it all the way to the end. Many people you give cards to will be in this first category. Expect the many people will either not take your card or take it and never watch the training video. This is part of the process.

Some seed will fall on rocky ground sprouting at first and then dying. You will give out cards to people that will watch part or all of the video and get excited when they hear about the money that can be made. Since it is only $5, they join immediately not really counting the cost of what it takes to be successful. The cost is not a small entry fee . . . it is an absolute commentment to implementing the formula at all costs. You quickly find that this prospect that joined your team doesn’t return your phone calls or emails. A month later, you see that they have not sponsored one person. It is obvious that they are not willing to put any effort in their business. You wonder why they joined. They watch . . . but never even do the minimum required to have any kind of success at all.

There is an old saying . . . “There are 3 kinds of people in the world . . . those that don’t know what is happening (seed that falls on thorny ground; individuals that live life with a negative mindset, not open to new opportunities) . . . those that watch what is happening (seed that falls on rocky ground; individuals that watch the video, join, but do nothing) . . . and those that MAKE THINGS HAPPEN (seed that falls on good ground; individuals that are doers.)

I want to highlight that last category of individuals, those on which your cards, the seed, fall on good ground. These are those that are willing to give out as many cards as it takes to find a minimum of 2 “good ground” prospects. These are the people we seek that are willing to post the link to the capture page connecting prospects with the training video . . . as many times as it takes to find those 2 individuals, who, like them, will “do whatever it takes, as long as it takes” . . . to get “doers” “at all costs.”

To reach our goal in this business is not hard. It just takes persistance to give out cards and post links every single day until you have your magic 6. If you are someone who has joined and haven’t yet signed up one person . . . don’t continue to be someone that is watching what is happening with others . . . MAKE THINGS HAPPEN YOURSELF! Sow the seeds continually till you find that those seeds (cards or links) have located just a few individuals that prove to be “good ground.” Once you identify those “good ground” prospects, it will be time to cultivate that ground, working with them, adding them to this group, making sure they have and use the tools and give them a regular dose of sunshine (encouragement).

This is coach Daniel here, encouraging YOU to get your garden growing!

# The Card