You CAN control your thoughts. You CAN create your own world. Here’s how!

Eric Worre has a lot of excellent material, but this is his most important video:

Why? Because nothing else he says matters until you can master your thoughts. Mastery of thoughts might seem like a difficult thing, but it is not, if you use the fact that thoughts and breath are linked. The slower you breathe, the less you think.

Both Zen and Vipassana Buddhism go at this from the other way. They give you a practice designed to reduce your attachment to thoughts, this eventually gets you to calm down and eventually you breathe slower. The problem is that most people eventually come across a thought that tugs them away from it all – it might be an old argument with their mom, they realize they left the stove on, etc.

So let’s go about this the direct way, get a stop watch and GO! First start with 5 seconds for your inhale and exhale. When that’s easy, go up to 10, 15, 20, etc.

And just keep going deeper and deeper towards the source of all creation – NO-THOUGHT. Then you can create what you want!