My reply to Sri Sraddhalu Ranade on Money: How it works and why it doesn’t ?

In the video Sri Sraddhalu Ranade on Money: How it works and why it doesn’t , we hear the following from Sri Ranade :

We are in an age where everything is valued in terms of its price instead of other things such as knowledge, heroism or skill.

My response:

  • Previous ages based on barter suffered from lack of coincidence of want. The price is there so that there can be an exchange of value without having to have a coincidence of want. If you need a loaf of bread, what good is the fact that you can solve differential equations in and of itself? Nothing! And who needs to barter with you for that? Not the grocery store owner, most likely.
  • Furthermore, there are certain cryptocurrencies such as WhyCoin that are in fact based on Proof of Knowledge.
  • And finally do not confuse money with currency. The rupee, the US Dollar, the Euro are all NOT MONEY, none of them. They are not finite and they do not have intrinsic wealth. Update: later in the video he speaks of a time when the currency had intrinsic wealth.


Every age has an end, we are reaching the end of the financial cycle when all is valued by money alone.

My response:

Real money is not a physical object.

The dictionary doesnt agree with you. I would save the terms “money” and “currency” for what the dictonaary says and give the metaphysical predecessor that Sri Aurobindo talks about another name. Technically everything you see is consciousness, but it is not practical to label everything consciousness.

Active consciousness is female and witness consciousness is male:

That may be true in Indian mysticism but Chinese yin-yang theory inverts this.

The right use of money is to create the largest benefit.

Yes. This is very wise. Now, the vision of this will finally be entering India after a long, hard fight. As it stands for the past millenium and longer, the people of India and most of the world has been spending money separately instead of using the power of togetherness. That is changing as we speak. Currently, when money is spent for goods and services, you just get the product. Soon, all of the following will happen with each purchase:

  • you will save money
  • your two closest friends will earn money (from the fact that you saved money. and they were not even buying anything).
  • the environment gets helped
  • educational and medical supplies are provided for the needy

ALL of that with each purchase. It has been happening for 12 years in Europe, 4 years in the USA and will be entering India in March of 2016.

A single grain bursts out into hundreds of grains.

This is in fact how this system coming to India works… 1 becomes 4. 4 becomes 16. 16 becomes 64 and so on… from a single “seed” comes many fruit which then drop seed and produce more fruit.

Money flows out and comes back

Yes! Most purchasing involves only flowing out, with no coming back… but imagine if purchasing were a cycle where you got money back with each purchase and a number of people and initiatives were helped with each purchase? And do realize: this is not really what-if because we have been doing it for 12 years.

Poverty is not spiritual or divine.

Fascinating viewpoint.

Characteristics associated with Shakti are emerging, so women will play a more important role

Hilary Clinton president? 🙂

Layers of devaluing – from paper currency,  to stocks

Interesting. Never thought about stocks that way.