“I am that” is not a lie

David Spero starts this video describing his ability to take people past identification with their body to a place of freedom.

And then he continues with a very useful statement – no witness. In god-realization there is no seer separate from what is seen. Then he says “I am that” is an obfuscation and corrects it with “that is that” … however this phrase has its problems too. There is an implicit “I” pointing at that. While “I” is explicit in the phrase from Nisargadatta Maharaj’s book, it is implicit in David’s.

It just goes to show that TRUTH cannot be spoken only experienced. While FACT can be spoken, discussed, analyzed, etc.

David continues saying “What is this I that is that? You know it is a lie.” … lie is a strong word. It implies that someon is saying something intentionally to deceive another. It may be inaccurate, but it is unfair to call it a lie.  In fact “I am that” is not such a bad thing to say, because it makes “I” and “That” equivalent and synonomous, leaving no room for anything else — no “I” separate from that.

But of course, there is a huge gap between David and me. David can induce people into awareness above the throat over the internet and/or in person. He is absolutely no joke in terms of guru ability. But having studied with him, the typical guru things come up – shock at something that the guru has done to you or someone else… when you would’ve done something different.

For instance, once I saw him absolutely torch a newcomer. The person said: “how can I do this on my own?” And David said: “I thought of writing an article called real gurus and fake students.” And continued to berate this individual. I’m guessing he sensed the person was not sincere and decided to fight fire with fire. Whatever the case, it made me uncomfortable.

And I give him props for having public metaphysical discussions with Swami G. And given the two, I’d have to say I’d opt for David because his path is ultra simple. But that takes nothing away from Swami G because she clearly has done a lot for seekers as well. And the keynote, perhaps for this whole post, is what she puts in a quote as the top of her website:

“Knowledge has to do with duality. There’s knowledge, and then there’s wisdom. If you’re still seeking knowledge and you think you’re going to learn your way there, you’re going to read all these texts and magically get it, you’re in intellect and your’e in duality. Welcome to all your fantasy world of creation.”

— Guru Swami G



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