Karatbit Exchange lost 21922 KBC coins sent to me – no response from tech support

My Karatbars affiliate ID is supreme. On Nov 14, 2018 I filed ticket number 2329 with the karatbit exchange, detailing the fact that my fellow-member of Karatbars (osheaaddy) sent 21922 coins from his Karatbit exchange to my address on the Karatbit exchange (0x693e065e64d44cdd87d621468bee204f1bf8cef6).




Immediately after my ticket was filed, I went to the Karatbit Exchange official Telegram group and someone named Samantha said:

I never heard back from her, so I posted again:


So then I message “Isheet” in private:

And on Dec 8 “Mike” stated:


Suggestions for the Karatbit Exchange

  1. Fix the email message that you get when confirming a withdrawal. As you can see, the email message from my friend said “Please approve your withdrawal in amount of 21922 KBC KBC” — it mentioned KBC twice. This is an error that needs to be fixed.
  2. Provide a transaction ID with every withdrawal – I’ve used over 20 cryptocurrency exchanges and ALL of them provide a transaction ID so that you can track the progress of the transaction.


11 days have passed since I filed this ticket on Nov 14, 2018.