sent false signals

If you are thinking about having trades copied via / I suggest you look elsewhere. They sent extra trades and failed to close trades, leaving me with a 60% drawdown. They refused to refund the money they lost:


Department: General
Full Name: Visitor
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Operator: Nick Mcdonald

22:57 Your Question:
22:57 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
22:58 You are now chatting with Nick Mcdonald (Manager) – General
22:58 Nick Mcdonald: Hi, how can I help?
22:58 Visitor: My userid is 12457 … a lot of trades that were closed by the trader have not been closed in my account.
22:58 Visitor: some were closed as long as a week ago.
22:58 Nick Mcdonald: ok, what’s it saying on your chart
22:59 Visitor: you mean what is the EA saying?
22:59 Nick Mcdonald: The reporting on your control panel isn’t always correct. You need to check the terminal
23:00 Visitor: it says connected and active. Here is a screnshot –
23:01 Nick Mcdonald: ok let me take a closer look
23:02 Nick Mcdonald: how many trades have you got open in total?
23:03 Visitor: 52
23:04 Nick Mcdonald: are you using our VPS?
23:04 Visitor: no
23:04 Nick Mcdonald: how is your account connected?
23:04 Nick Mcdonald: Do you have teamviewer?
23:04 Visitor: yes
23:05 Visitor: TeamViewer ID = xxxxxxx
23:05 Nick Mcdonald: do you want me to take a look? If you set up remote control it will help me
23:05 Visitor: Password = xxx
23:05 Nick Mcdonald: ok
23:07 Visitor: I think one thing is that I changed the Equity Risk to 2.0 and maybe it tried to double the trades and did not close some?
23:08 Nick Mcdonald: hmm, that shouldn’t be it
23:09 Nick Mcdonald: Sorry, give me a few mins.
23:10 Nick Mcdonald: This is really strange
23:11 Nick Mcdonald: Ok, I think you’ll need to update your EA to version 3.1
23:11 Nick Mcdonald: I’ve never seen this issue before, but I’m hoping that will fix it.
23:11 Nick Mcdonald: because you’re using an older version.
23:12 Visitor: what about this huge drawdown I’m experiencing?
23:12 Visitor: I’ve lost $600.00
23:13 Nick Mcdonald: I’ve never seen this happen before. So all we can do is try and ensure it doesn’t happen to you again.
23:14 Visitor: So you arent going to refund the losses I experienced because of your signal system?
23:14 Nick Mcdonald: Unfortunately we don’t take any responsibility for losses incurred as a result of the trade copier. We try and provide you with the most reliable system possible, however occasionally issues will happen that may result in losses.