Your next step with zeek rewards

After joining zeek rewards, you will get into a rhythm of posting your daily ad. iMacro for Firefox will help you with that.

The next thing we need to do is

to get you some bids.

The bottom line is always cash. In zeek we get to the bottom line via points. There are 2 ways to get your points

  1. buy bids and you give them away for free to someone and receive points
  2. or you can pay for 5cc option so you automatically receive points from every bid you buy , i.e., the company gives bids away for you so you receive points.  it is 10$ for first 10 customers , i only payed once for that , later you will pay for it from earnings from zeek

Let’s take a look at me after 2 days:

Since I came in as silver with 110 points, I now have earned $2.09 … but now it exists as points. Once I get some VIP points, I will grow them like bonus points and take money from VIP points.

Then you need to buy some bids

they cost $1.00 each.

i started with buying 100 bids , 2 weeks after that i bought another 100 bids
since i joined 6 months ago i only spent 200$ for 200 bids

The bids are automatically rationed amongst your customers.

you get VIP points for the bids you buy

compaby pays daily  %   cash rewards , example if you have 100 vip points and that days reward is 2% , then you will earn 2$ that day

on weekend it is low , on week days it around 1 – 2%
on weekend is usually 1%

CLick on “Buy sample bids” to do this… DO NOT click on “give free bids” – that is for giving bids away. But since I am in 5cc I dont need to bother with that.