Why I left North American Power

I quietly left North American Power. I normally discuss these things but for some reason, I just slipped out the side door without telling anyone or having an open-minded discussion about it. But here is why I left

False statements about the service rate

When you visit the north american power website, you are shown a rate lower than the utility company can offer you. This rate is not guaranteed for more than 2 months. It is a promotional rate. But their salesmen have been caught trying to offer this rate without advising customers that it is really just the 7% incentive discount available to those who contribute to the breakup of the monopoly. For instance, this advertising for North American Power is violating the company rules by claiming a lower rate:

I contacted North American Power customer service about this and they have not responded.

The renewable energy certificate requirement in non-dereg states

North American power requires a customer in a non-deregulated state to purchase a renewable energy certificate for $20.00. Eco Power Partners has no such requirement. They are the first completely free network marketing company in the energy space.

The lack of related energy services

With North American Power, all you can do is sell residential and commercial energy. One of the great things about Eco Power Partners is that you can offer utility bill auditing to commercial entities and split the savings they deserved on past bills as well as future savings.

Inferior compensation plan

As you can see, North American Power has a less generous compensation plan than Eco Power Partners.

Energy is Yet Another Product

While it is nice to make money on energy, the thing that people dont realize is that energy is yet another product. Until someone has been exposed to Lyoness, they still think in terms of the old way of multi-level marketing where everyone rallies around a particular product. With Lyoness, such limited thinking is no longer necessary…. you move from multi-level marketing to multi-level shopping.



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