Who am I – facebookers want to know

Facebook started out OK. I added a few co-workers. Then a few spiritual people. Then a few hip-hop dancers. And now I have a mess. I log in and I am hit with the activity of all sorts of people – technical ones, spiritual ones, hip-hop ones. And I cant imagine that my various updates are pleasing to them. Are my hip-hop dance updates useful or palatable to my co-workers, etc?

I think I need a bunch of non-conflicting facebook profiles:

  1. The Deep Self – all my various spiritual pursuits, oh but throw in space music?
  2. Metaperl Terrence Brannon – technical Terrence Brannon. The least interesting, but the most powerful. It pays my bills. These are the people I want the least to do with in my social networking time
  3. Irmo High School and earlier Terrence Brannon – all my high school friends who I have not talked to in 20 years and who have nothing other than former spacetime overlap.
  4. Electronic Music Terrence Brannon
  5. Rock music Terrence Brannon
  6. Gentle nature Music Terrence Brannon
  7. Hip hop dance Terrence Brannon
  8. Social activitism Terrence Brannon
  9. Zenmaster Cash Terrence Brannon – to deal with all the MLM and money making schemes out there
  10. People who ignore me – you know the people who friend you and then never respond to you? The famous ones? What kinds of friends are these
  11. Family Terrence Brannon – my sister is on facebook. I talked with her more in-person in 2 days that I have on facebook in the last year. And she’s on there every day basically.

And then we can divide the deepself up into many pieces based on former versus current spiritual pursuits. Or the type of spiritual pursuit.

And this whole dilemma stems from what Sailor Bob Adamson has described – I have been called a certain name, told I was a good boy, bad boy, etc… all these various separating communications.

No one talks to me on facebook!

And then the big thing. Why am I always writing on other people’s walls and no one has anything to say to me, either directly or indirectly? Oh I take it back. I did once have a scientologist writing on my wall until he got aggravated with all the hip-hop dance videos. At which time he un-friended me.

So now we have plumetting self-esteem heaped onto personality crisis! GREAT! WONDERFUL!

How many people have reached enlightenment via facebook? I think it’s possible, once you realize all your friends are your real self. But Judith Lamb-Lion trashed it, saying: “they arent thinking about what they are doing, just chatting, chatting ,chatting” … and me? I think this time would have been better off tracking the motion of my belly.