What is charity?

A fellow VIVA Crown holder said this:


How to help folks in a truly meaningful and sustainable way is a very real challenge. I do some work in Haiti to try to help folks there. Most of it is focused on Children, providing an education, and in some cases housing, mainly.
When there, the people asked what I brought for them often. This is because they’ve been conditioned to expect visitors to bring them something.
Because of my involvement, I am often contacted by individuals asking me for money. They all have a story and it’s generally a real one. But it’s usually not beneficial to just give to them.
Example: A young lady asked me for $600 to help her start a business selling things on her island (La Gonave). I asked her to provide me with costs, expected returns and a repayment plan to get my funds returned. I’m not a wealthy person anyways, but I thought if she could return it then I could offer someone else the same opportunity. Plus, if she had to pay it back then perhaps I could expect more soberness and diligence on her part, rather than squandering the funds.
She wanted nothing to do with it – shocked that I’d asked to be reimbursed for investing in her business. They’ve been conditioned by donations and well-wishers who are myopic in their efforts to help. Disasters in Haiti have included the relief efforts themselves, for many different reasons. Of course, much of that is the elite/cronies taking from the pile. But much of the challenge is helping them to raise themselves above their circumstances rather than simply providing handouts.
That was part of the reason I came up with the regenerative model I did. It offers to raise all the ships on the island through enablement rather than meeting short-term needs. It’s the teaching to fish concept…