Top Global NPN Sponsors

If you are looking for residual income, the amount of referrals needed to break even is important:

  1. 2 refs put you in profit with Global NPN
  2. 3 refs break you even with Trafficwave
  3. 8 refs break you even in Be Motivated Today

So now that we see that global npn is the best in terms of break-even, let’s list the top 3 sponsors I have come across in Global NPN:

One very cool thing about Denise Hayes is the Profit Share. This is very valuable because until you have broken even, you have a strong sense of desperation about losing money. With the profit share, you earn a bit of the income of the team account from the very beginning.

One neat thing about the first two is team recruiting: all team members are working to promote the next-in-line person.

One amazing thing about Nick Anderson is his two Traffic Exchange tools which optimizes the process of surfing multiple traffic exchanges.

So, because Team Atlantis only has team recruiting and not profit share, they are less appealing. Didi was interested in that and was thinking about implementing it, but I need to leap into action pronto.

So then it comes down to NPN Power Team versus Nick Anderson.