Top Global NPN Sponsors

If you are looking for residual income, the amount of referrals needed to break even is important:

  1. 2 refs put you in profit with Global NPN
  2. 3 refs break you even with Trafficwave
  3. 8 refs break you even in Be Motivated Today

So now that we see that global npn is the best in terms of break-even, let’s list the top 3 sponsors I have come across in Global NPN:

One very cool thing about Denise Hayes is the Profit Share. This is very valuable because until you have broken even, you have a strong sense of desperation about losing money. With the profit share, you earn a bit of the income of the team account from the very beginning.

One neat thing about the first two is team recruiting: all team members are working to promote the next-in-line person.

One amazing thing about Nick Anderson is his two Traffic Exchange tools which optimizes the process of surfing multiple traffic exchanges.

So, because Team Atlantis only has team recruiting and not profit share, they are less appealing. Didi was interested in that and was thinking about implementing it, but I need to leap into action pronto.

So then it comes down to NPN Power Team versus Nick Anderson.




  • First I would like to thank you for considering us as your NPN sponsor.

    I also would like to warn you that I take my “JOB” as your sponsor very seriously.

    I want to explain the difference between “TEAM” and the “KISS Income Group”.

    KISS Income Group takes advantage of the only advantage of teams, that I have looked at, everybody uses the same page. That way it takes less effort from the members to be seen.

    Sales are as simple as “showing your product to even people enough times”. It is just that simple. After that fact KISS income completly seperates itself from the team idea.

    Each Member of the KISS Income Group has a page that is their page. Meaning their picture, their Global NPN autoresponder form. their link to the “traffic Tools” they decide to use. The tools builds their viral traffic at the same time giving each persaon a first chance to make a profit. That is NOT counting on new people to upgrade in the traffic programs. I have not seen this in any team effort.

    We do not even ask new people to join any safelist under us. That is totally against our moral believes. That would not be fair for the person that worked so hard to build the downline for that traffic program. The biggest mistake made with free traffic programs is not at least spending a portion of their time building a downline in traffic programs.

    Global NPN is in my opionin the very best Multi Level Marketing opportunity on the net. Very affordable and provides the tools that are so badly needed to succeed in inter net marketing. That is by far a rare find on the net these days.

    As anyone should know MLM is about duplication. And I have found duplication can be easily accomplished using the tools we use. I mean we literly have our new members watch as we do it for them, or walk them thru what needs to be set up. I have found that in the beggining that when I had to spend more time with a new person “one on one” the better the chance is they will “stick around”. Why? That person is serious.

    That ones that just try it never last long.

    To me when I stumbled on NPN I found a “no brainer” opportunity to combine these two products to build any business that any person would ever want to build.

    So as your Global NPN sponsor I not only do this for you, but I have you watch, as I do this for any new person you bring in until I am no longer needed. That is when I have accomplished “DUPLICATION” and not until that point. Most sponsor do not understand this point about MLM.

    KISS Income Group is a different type of a team. I am proud of that fact.

    Nick and Debbie Anderson
    KISS Income Group

  • Hi,

    I just figured I had to put in my two cents regarding Nick Anderson’s “KISS” Income Group. I am part of this Group and I love it. The teaching and caring that the “KISS” Group provides is awesome. The “look over the shoulder” training is great. Not only does it allow one to point and click on one’s own but it allows for one to see it in action prior to doing it yourself. This makes the learning curve move along a lot quicker. This puts the “D” in duplicatable.

    The support I have received from the “KISS” Income Group is superb and trust me I have been part of many a teams and none have taken it to the level that Nick’s “KISS” Income Group does.

    The “KISS” Income Group philosophy is great…Provide the tools that ALL internet marketers need under Global NPN and then provide the means to promote those tools under the Promotions tool of “SLGenie” that takes promoting on Safelists to the next level.

    All this is done through a customized team page that says we are part of a larger group but we each maintain our own individuality. And it doesn’t stop there, “KISS” support makes sure we are using the marketing suite in Global NPN to our advantage by helping set up autoresponders with customized messages.

    Of course, the list goes on what makes “KISS” different but I will leave that for now. The bottom line is, I like it and this works for me.

    “KISS” Income Group is a different type of team of which we are all very proud to be a member of.

    Thanks for letting me share,
    Carmen St John
    “KISS” Income Group