The ultimate compensation plan

For awhile now, I have wanted to solve 3 problems of mankind: health, wealth and real-happiness based on self-realization. The people that I know (including myself) seem to have some of these 3 but never all.

Cooperative Matrix Structures

In TheLuckyEarn, angel positions are used to keep the matrix from stalling. Chartford’s does a similar thing by simply having points alternate in placement. Odd points attach to your sponsor. Even points attach to the next position in the matrix. It really is beautiful when the whole company works together. The main problem with Chartford’s is that it takes quite awhile to cycle. But a serious win of Chartford’s is that you can pay-it-forward for others and be certain to get back what you paid them. You can simply say: “use some of those profits to help someone in the way that I helped you.” Therefore when they get their final payments, they can do the same! It’s very useful to know the rate of new positions and how long until you get filled. That would be 2 nice visualizations they could add. I do like the chart of potential cashback that they show:

As you can see, I like Chartford’s quite a bit. Another important aspect of Chartford’s is a big base of customers who inject fresh cash into the system. Ideally, they would inject daily/weekly/monthly cash for something they had to have instead of buying art when they felt like it! We can conclude this by saying that a good program must compensative members passively.

1-up plans? No.

I love the leverage of a 1-up plan (and the variants). But what I don’t like is that the whole company does not work together. You must be active to earn in 1-up plan. Of course my primary business has a very hard requirement about sponsoring as well. But for some reason, I managed to survive a business where you dont make it unless you sponsor or get spillover.