The Eternal Spring

The Eternal Spring is many things:

  1. A spiritual experience I once had. I was at a Christian Science nursing home. The lady Judith Harvey Malone, told me her story how she healed from a massive car accident simply by placing her mind on a bible verse. Being in her presence and hearing her explanation led to this “welling up” of an eternal fountain of healing that I knew was the source of all healing and life.
  2. A book I am writing whose primary focus is compound interest
  3. An umbrella term for my various activities integrating spirituality (whatever that is), crowdfunding, and social investing / entrepreneurship – INVESTING, NETWORK MARKETING, TAX PREPARATION, and CASHBACK ADVERTISING


When it comes to choosing a home business, you need to decide on how much time or money you want to put into creating the income you desire. Some businesses require lots of time and no money. Others require lots of money and no time (passive income). Most fall somewhere in between.

BusinessDescriptionMininum InvestmentSuggested InvestmentReferrals to Break Even
FutureAdProCashback advertising1020000
All in One ProfitsComplete internet marketing tool suite.105002
Whole World FoundationRaise funds for Whole World and yourself at the same time.10510510
KaratbarsGold as a medium of exchange, store of wealth and exponential growth in income.15020005
Enlightened BeingsEnlighten the planet and get paid for it!01970
Life Insurance SalesCall back pre-qualified leads and close 1 in every 8 leads.6006005
iConsumerown shares in a cashback shopping community030000
ConfidentialThere are two shopping communities that I am a part of that I can discuss with you back-channel.

  • You asked about 1000 hits every 5 days….

    I get a few thousand hits on most days just from surfing….

    How? First I have taken life or very long term upgrades
    on some of the top ranked TEs…and a few of the smaller ones….

    2ND & MOST important: Download Crazy Browser….Totally free….
    NO upgrades….NO strings…NO games….

    Open a number of TEs (or ptcs or whatever), click Group & click add to group….
    NAME that group….When returning, click group and click the name that you
    picked….ALL sites will open….simply log in…

    Click the first site…then f2…a new tab will open….click that site and then f2..
    repeat the process….OPEN a minimum of 7 or 8 sites….enough to allow the
    timer to expire….

    You should NEVER wait for a site to load and NEVER wait for a timer to expire….

    Create as many groups as you desire….

    My Day starts with a mixed group of TEs and PTCs….tab count is 26….using f2 opens
    the new window from left to right…any new page as with PTCs opens to the left, out
    of the way….f3 opens windows right to right….not recommended….

    Wishing you an enjoyable and profitable internet experience.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Ben South

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