Steady Steps to Freedom from Debt

I would not argue that the largest expense of most people is their taxes. However, even after cutting taxes, you will still be doing your everday shopping. This is where Lyoness comes into your debt repair strategy. Lyoness allows you to get 10 different forms of cash rewards for your everyday shopping at name brand merchants such as Walmart, BP gasoline and Lowe’s Hardware, to name a few.

Immediate and long-term rewards.

The immediate rewards of using Lyoness for your shopping is cashback. The next immediate reward comes when you give a card to your friends because you will get cashback on their purchases as well. Also, you get cashback on the friends of your friends. That’s 3 levels of cashback available to you and people you meet for doing the shopping you already do.

The long-term rewards of the card are beyond the scope of this article, but they are substantial and entirely passive. Loyalty commissions ranging from $12.00 to $60.00 will be rewarded to you as you continue your shopping. Loyalty cash rewards of $675 will follow that. Again, all of this requires nothing of you and your friends but doing the shopping you already do!

This article has touched on 6 of Lyoness’ 10 residual income streams all available to you with no requirement other than shopping in their network. Feel free to contact me for more information or to sign up.


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