skepticism about MPB Today?

0. Your skepticism has to do with the first program I
mentioned. The second program, Lyoness, has 2 million customers in
Europe and has met ISO 9001 and quality assurance
standards. It offers 10 streams of residual income to people who are
doing nothing but shopping via the Lyoness business model.

If you look at page 10 of this flyer:

You will see how they convert 75 dollars into $675 + $198 via networked
shopping. And that is just the beginning of the genius of this
shopping model. The designer offers automatic entries into European
matrices and national matrices as your personal $75.00 moves toward full

I've been online with an Irish full-time employee of Lyoness and am
investing a total $1000.00 into 3 starter matrices.

Instead of people paying me directly for building tanks, I will have
them buy 3 $75.00 slots in this and help me turn my $75.00 into $675
and help them at the same time.

I've been in my share of battles trying to get people to pay fees to
join MLMs and with Lyoness, all I'm asking them to do is route their
shopping behavior through their cash tracking system so that they can
use a large pool of shoppers to demand volume discounts they then
distribute to the customers.

If you have time, these 4 videos explain the model in a very tight way:

For a single non-intrusive network marketing program to have TEN
residual income streams is simply staggering.

Now, on to the first program I mentioned, MPB Today.

1. All businesses have a pyramid-like structure. A pyramid scheme is
when the people at the top make more than the people below. But that
is not the case here. A ponzi scheme is when you lie about your
business model and promise hyped up returns. But the returns

2. Your calculation of referrals left out a few things:
– You get $50.00 for each direct referral, so the 2 personal recruits
would be $100 and you would also get $100 for finishing a cycle. So
You would get $200 cash and $200.00 walmart card in the worst cash and
$400.00 cash if you personally sponsored all 6 and the $200.00 walmart
card. And the matrix has not quit working, because there is a matrix
above you trying to complete and all 6 below you are trying to
complete, so the rest of that money is still going to be paid out to
your upline or downline
– when that referral cycle is completed, you are re-entered at the top of a new
2×2 matrix (a $200.00 value).
– the MPB matrix system has a very powerful feature called
"the follow me rule" which means that when any of the 6 people you
introduce complete their  cycle, you have effectively re-recruited
them for your current 2×2 matrix. Most matrix schemes
(and yes, I have had my ass kicked to the tune of several thousand
dollars over many years) tend to bottom out or lack a means of
sustaining themselves. 
– the $200.00 investment is immediately redeemable for home delivery
of groceries or you can wait until you cycle to get $200.00 or a
walmart gift card.
– in a sense, these pyramids can exhaust themselves but (a) there are
350k new people born each day (b) the number of people shopping at
walmart is not about to be exhausted any time soon.
– The simple business model of MPB today does not discuss what happens
after 2 cycles. The infinity coding bonuses are extemely
exciting. When anyone, anywhere in your organization cycles, you get a
bonus. The bonus is $20 – $200 each time. I've never calculated
exactly how much money goes to Southeasten Delivery Service versus us
people – the affiliates in their marketing arm (MPB Today), but is ia
generous model and home grocery delivery is showing exponential
growth… 1 billion last year, 2 billion this year and 12 billion
projected for next year as the Baby Boomers and others have less of an
ability go out shopping.

3. I'm trying to figure out a way to help the homeless, but the thing
is, they cant use their food stamp money to become an affiliate. They
can become by customer and I can get 2% of all groceries they purchase
from me, but they will have to pay shipping until we have a pick-up
hub in Fort Lauderdale