Reverse 2-up compensation plan

Selina, thank you for the chance to present a possibility for the monthly membership plan to benefit the members of the New Wealth Creations Network.

First things first, let’s cover legality. A pass-up plan for memberships is 100% legal and in use by the following organizations:

  1. Automatic Lead Tools –
    If you click on “Compensation you will see that they use a pass-up
    compensation plan.
  2. Pure Leverage –
    Pure Leverage and the related company “Empower Network” both use a
    pass-up compensation plan.
  3. Power Lead System –
    Power Lead System also uses a pass-up compensation plan.

Next, what is the benefit of this compensation plan. There is exactly one benefit and it is fully in line with the primary teaching in Wealth Creations Network:

to create wealth, you must leverage people or cash to create exponential growth.

The simple pass-up pay plan does create exponential growth in income.

So now that we see the power of the plan, how does a pass-up plan work? Let’s take the monthly 49.97 and for simplicity’s sake, presume that 40.97 goes to the WCN company and 9.00 is paid to the new pro and new elite affiliates.

  1. You pay your 49.97 monthly fee
  2. You register a pro/elite affiliate. The first $9.00 goes to you.
  3. You register a 2nd pro/elite affiliate. You pass the $9,00 payment and person up to your sponsor.
  4. You register a 3rd pro/elite affiliate. The $9.00 goes to you.
  5. You register a 4th pro/elite affiliate. You pass the $9.00 payment and person up to your sponsor.
  6. For any further pro/elite affiliates you register, you earn the full
    $9.00 payment on them.

So now let’s look at what this does. And let’s assume that you only attract 10 people to WCN. And you thoroughly train them. Here is what your income looks like:

  1. For the 10 people that you attracted, you only passed up your 2nd and 4th prospect. So you earn $72.00 monthly residual for your work because 8 people will be paying you $72.00
  2. Each of the 8 people you trained are fully capable of attracting 10 people to their business. And just like you, each of those 8 people will be passing up their 2nd and 4th people to you, which means that you now have 16 NEW PEOPLE paying you $9.00 per month for $144.00 of additional monthly income.
  3. These 16 new people are thoroughly trained and all confident of adding 10 people to their organization. Because of this plan, they will all pass up their 2nd and 4th to you. This adds 32 new people to your pay line, leading to $288.00 of additional monthly income.
  4. The same exponential growth occurs again, adding 64 people to your pay line and $576 of additional monthly income.
  5. So you are now earning a cool $1080 per month: 576 + 288 + 144 + 72 and you have 127 people paying you, but you only directly introduced 10.
  6. This exponential growth of your organization never stops. Assuming the same growth, the additional income from pass-ups will be 1152, 2304, 4608



Finally, what are the drawbacks to this plan?

  1. The drawback is that you are passing up entire people to your sponsor — only 2, but you are in fact giving away people. Even this disadvantage is somewhat of an advantage because passing up people allows me to confirm that my trainees are training new people thoroughly.
  2. But also consider: what if you pass up a super-recruiter? Then you lose all of that person’s future efforts.
  3. Another thing: people often manipulate a pass-up system by intentionally passing up a dud who has no plan to build.
  4. Do you really want 100 or more direct reports in Wealth Creation Network? The exponentially growing income is very attractive. And in a sense, you wont have too many problems because each person is getting the same training. But it is something to think about.  Some people want to attract 6 business-minded people who they can take into any opportunity and who can invite me into theirs. Once they get those 6, then they retire from attracting people and make sure their “board of directors” is getting their “board of directors”.