Prosperity on the horizon

Have you ever had the urge to JOIN NOW? I have it big time becuase the right things are starting to come my way. I love surfing traffic exchanges and seeing all the cute ways they have to get your attention. I also like to see what products are out there and what compensation plans exist. The best thing out there are the profit pools. They are even better than programs that give you referrals because you start making some money immediately. That being said, here are the programs which have my attention and which I might join around October 1:

  1. Trivita – you can buy customers from their infomercials. Advertising and closing is the hardest part of any internet business and they make it easy to buy into! Plus I know a triple diamond in this and she can guide me to success!
  2. One24 – very clever single-line program. Has definitely withstood the test of time. The idea of being compensated by everyone that follows you is compelling. The team does work to get you referrals, but you only get compensated for referrals earned by others up to $200
  3. GlobalNPN with TeamAtlantis – they do a lot with Trafficwave and now seem to be onto GlobalNPN. Working as a team insures that we get lots of visibility and help each other get signups. You only need 2 refs to be in profit… that’s more than I can say for BeMotivatedToday which requires 8 refs to break even! And GlobalNPN has a fuller suite of products than Trafficwave for a lower monthly fee. Also you need 3 refs in TrafficWave versus 2 in NPN to break even.
  4. Automatic Internet Millionaire – bundles 4 programs (BeMotivated, GLobalNPN, Trafficwave and GDI) and has you pay 4 them all as well as a $40 advertising package, for a total cost of $88 to kick back and let them drive tons of hits to your website. They drive tons of traffic to your AIM page and let their autoresponder do the advertising, followup and close. An important question would be: which is the better way to interact with the 4 programs? And there is no sharing of refs with AIM – the more you get, the more you keep personally.
  5. Free Prescription Cards – I talked to an internet marketer who is very successful with this. She just buys a hits package at EasyHit4U and they sell like wildfire