One too many downtimes

HQRevshare is down once again:

And they often drop payments. I pay for ad packs but they are not credited.

I have sent a total of $33.00
to HQRevshare, as my solid trust pay records show:

But the dashboard claimis that I have only deposited $16.00:

I noticed this issue today, because I bought another
pack today and it was not credited, even though
money was taken from Solid Trust Pay.

Here is the payment confirmation from Solid Trust

But as you can see the active ads packs does not
show one dated today:

To conclude, I have sent enough money to buy 6 packs
but I only have 3 packs and about $2.00 in account
balance and that includes revenue share.

I think what is happening is that the HQRevshare
server is going down between the time I make the
payment and when the server is supposed to get
it. Oftentimes, when I attempt to login or visit
pages, the site will go down, presumably due to

Please rectify this situation.

Finally, I attempted to write a message to support
about this, but the image that is supposed to show
up is broken, as this screenshot shows: