Odyssey into Binary Options

I am very excited about the computer program that I wrote to trade binary options. After about 1 week of testing it on the demo accounts generously offered at Markets World, I felt it was time to go live. So I did so with $375:

And here is the blow-by-blow record of my automatic trading.

Whoa 6 trades!

How scary, I had to go through 6 trades to win recently. I’m up 50 bucks after 1 day:

Pockets not deep enough

Even though I managed to earn about $100 in 2 days using this program, I am going to stop using it for awhile because I dont have enough money in the account to sustain a continued bull or bear run like you see here:

Love to get back in this game

Once my forex trading has produced enough bread, I certainly would love to get my program running again live. But until I commit enough bread to deal those runs, I am cruising for a bruising!

The Pros Dont Approve

I posted a few threads on BO Daily about this and they all said that it was risky:

Official Discussion Thread for Profit/Loss Screenshots, etc:


Know when to hold ’em…

Dont trade during the European or American sessions. Only during the Asian session. I suggest 5pm EST to 1am EST. And that’s Monday – Friday. Sunday things are just ramping up and can be volatile.