Network marketing dominates the nutritional and cosmetic industries!

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Dear Terrence,

Today, we want to tackle an important question:

"Why network marketing?"

Why did XANGO choose to distribute its products through network marketing? Wouldn't XANGO sell a lot more juice if it were sold in stores like Wal-Mart and Costco?

No way!

Did you know that the seven largest nutritional companies in North America market their products through network marketing? That's right, GNC is #8!

Did you know that the two largest cosmetics companies in North America are network marketing companies and Revlon is #3? Have you ever seen a Mary Kay product sold in stores? Nope.

Network marketing capitalizes on the most powerful form of advertising…word of mouth. Rather than putting their product on the store shelves and paying massive amounts of money in advertising, a network marketing company like XANGO pays YOU to tell others about products that you love. What a concept!

What about the business side? Isn't network marketing one of those pyramid things?

We love this question!

If you are referring to a pyramid scheme, then no, XANGO is not a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are the movement of money without a legitimate product. Pyramid schemes are illegal.

Has network marketing grown to a $100 billion dollar industry through illegal activities that the FTC has yet to notice? Is Mary Kay a multi-billion dollar illegal pyramid that could be shut down at any moment? Of course not!

A network marketing company like XANGO gives average people the ability to own and operate their own business with very little investment. It gives people like you and me the opportunity to work where they want, when they want and with whom they want. It rewards the most productive people with the biggest paychecks. Wow! What if corporate America worked like that?

So what are business experts saying about the network marketing industry? Let's see:

"The best kept secret in the Business world."
   – Fortune Magazine, August 2004

"Network marketing has proven itself to be a viable and rewarding source of income…there have been some remarkable examples of success."
   – Donald Trump, Why We Want You To Be Rich

"Dollar for dollar, the best investment I've ever made."
   – Warren Buffet


So there you go! For more answers to the most commonly asked questions about network marketing go to This is a GREAT website with tons of information about the industry and the most common questions and misconceptions.

Thanks for being a part of this exceptional team. Talk to you tomorrow!

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