My cup runneth over – wealth surges in 2016

I had an odd feeling that 2016 was going to be a year of financial freedom. And everytime that I think I have the key, the key opens the door to even more wealth. I’m not kidding. It’s like I cant stop it. But anyway, for the business-minded, here is a rundown of my wealth-creating activities:

Revenue Sharing

it does appear that Traffic Monsoon is the king of revenue sharing:

Nonetheless me and the person in that facebook post are experimenting with our own Revenue Sharing website.

Bitcoin-Based Fractional Lending

I am involved in Republic Bitcoin and MMM Global. As I write this, my recommendation level is low for both, so I do not recommend either to anyone else, but I fully expect both to have done very well in 6 months.


Adsactly is a very large and complex beast, 3 years in the making. It is a decentralized collective that incubates other companies into existence. Some very fertile avenues they have developed along are the crypto currency club and bleu-trade, which are discussed below.

Crypto Currency Club

Watch this video to learn about the Crypto Currency Club.


How would you like to receive more Bitcoin, Litecoin, DOGEcoin, and Novacoin every 12 hours? It’s easy at Bleu Trade!


INFINii is an MLM which automates the process of selling goods for profit on eBay and Amazon. They are very beta and I doubt I will keep paying the monthly fee.


Sign up as a Marketing Consultant in my Ambit business. I will give you a credit card number to pay for the Marketing Consultant fee and also the website fee. Within 4 weeks, I will get 3 energy customers for you which will trigger a $100 bonus for you. A 5-minute sign-up process to net $100. Not bad.

Jared Elkins

It would be very unfair of me to attempt to describe Jared Elkins, but I will try. First here is a recording of a webinar.  High points of the webinar:

  1. Definition of wealth
  2. Free gift for the night was to join the Board of Directors of a company projected to gross 75 million per month.
  3. He is a math geek
  4. He does mass emailing through his own mail servers in a CAN-SPAM compliant way with an 80% accept rate.
  5. Will be the largest holder of traffic generating and profit making internet sites by buying and selling them.
  6. Will be creating Tsunami Coin, which is backed by silver and monetizes internet traffic.

Most importantly, you must contact me NOW so I can add you to a Facebook chat and give you the call-in and video webinar address for the 9pm EDT call where he will be giving away a free gift every day from now until New Year’s.

You need to watch his 49 part video series as soon as you can – the way to do that is to

  1. Visit my facebook page
  2. Cllick on the meme “Get 5000 Record to Email in 5 days”
  3. Registering using facebook should code you to me.