Leverage – then and now

Have you ever heard the famous quote by J. Paul Getty, one of the first Billionaires in the US?

He said: “I would rather get paid on 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own effort.”
He found a way and it was a secret. What is this billion dollar secret?

It is called leverage. And in reality, it is no secret at all.

What if, instead of trading time for dollars, you could leverage your time and get paid for 1,000’s of hours each day, but only work a few?

What are the types of leverage?

  • People – the common network marketing system leverages people so that personal efforts are amplified by a network of people duplicating the same efforts.
  • Products – Wouldnt it be nice if you could increase your income without more recruiting? What if your “product” was money back on things that people were already buying at the same stores they were already shopping at? Then your income would scale up as more and more products were added. Imagine tripling your pay not because you got 3 more people but because you added 3 more valuable products/companies/services!
  • Cash – the wealthy use cash to produce more cash.

Is there a single system which combines all 3 and requires no out-of-pocket expenditures or risk? Is there a system which has been around for 10 years with nothing but ever-increasing success? Yes! Phone (888) 298-3051 for details and then contact me.