Let’s get to the message

Jennifer Provencio dislikes direct offers for making money.

Personally, I think it’s deceptive to act as if you have an interest in the family, occupation, recreation if all you have is a message. Of course, the message becomes more tailored once they have this information, but let’s take my physical mailbox… do I need someone to FORM me before I see: “pork bellies 99% discount” — nothing about my personal background makes that offer more appealing. The price is right and it’s what I want.. so I either go get it or I dont.

I suppose that’s me being a male? Hah, generalization. But yes, I do find that females are into building a warm fuzzy relationship – they are more circular and emotional and men (especially me) tend to be more logical and direct.

The king of MLM is amway and they teach their people to start out with “are you interested in making some more money”.. they dont teach FORMING people.

I’m not alone in my perspective. Dale Calvert, National Marketing Director for MPB Today has similar sentiments to me.