Important PIP News (very important you read this)

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From: Passive Income Pool <>
Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 6:34 AM
Subject: Important PIP News (very important you read this)

The JSS Tripler situation is much worse than we initially thought. All positions that were recently bought have been converted and positions that were close to mature remained. Those positions go out in a fast rate because we kept reinvesting every day of course.

For us it’s important all members earn and not just a few. With the JSS Tripler restart now everyone wants to withdraw of course because daily profit is down. That’s understandable but I think it’s important to realize you don’t gain anything really with just short term profit. The PIP was created for long term profit and if that’s not possible with JBP’s JSS Tripler by any means we get it another way. We have been online for a long time and know what works and what doesn’t. It doesn’t work to pull out your money and run because sooner or later you’ll run into a program that takes your money and runs before you have the chance, believe me.

What we want to do is close the PIP for new members. We just keep the members that are in now. This will make it a closed pool. We have a good idea how we can earn long term but we need to be able to invest of course. If you been with us long enough you’ll already know we pay and work hard for our members to keep earnings going. We want to create a profit group with the people in the PIP now. We have ideas how to use Fast Cash Mega and a few other programs we think are worth the risk. Since we have not worked out this plan fully I can’t tell you too much yet but I can say our goal is to go much faster than with JSS Tripler. It truly hurts to see earnings go down like that while you have worked hard to get it up.

Even the 1% we talked about earlier will not hold the way they structured this restart. It’s designed to get your daily earnings to zero as soon as possible and then make you buy placements to have your matrix positions cycle. Daily earnings are about 30% of what they were before the restart and it keeps going down fast.

Till we present you our plan we have to disable new deposits, daily earnings and withdrawals or this will not work. You’re free to scream scam if you like (not saying you will but it usually is the case when there’s an announcement like this). We know it’s possible to create long term income with what we have. That’s why we don’t want new members in for now. We just want to build income with the group that’s in the PIP now and later maybe allow new members like 10 every time or something like that so the group doesn’t become too big. Let us work this plan out some more and present it to you so you can tell us what you think. If you know us you already know we can connect the dots. We did it many times before. It just takes time to calculate and go over options with the tools we have available.

Please don’t come asking why this and why that. It’s not only about you. The PIP is a pool so we keep it that way. You’ll be very pleased once we have it going, believe me. I think the stats of Fast Cash Mega proof once again we can do it. I’m real glad we have that running now JSS Tripler has many people scratching their head what to do now with daily income dropped so much. Some depend on that income to pay bills so it’s a disaster really. Everyone that’s in JSS Tripler with referrals will have noticed the drop of purchases by referrals because they simply can’t buy anymore.

We will show you it’s possible to create long term passive income. Just let us work this out in the next few days. Thanks.  

Passive Income Pool admin