give and ye shall receive 10-fold

This document is a conversation between me and 2 people who I have identified as being able to understand this document from a financial and metaphysical perspective.

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate the route to infinite financial gain.

This text provides simple, clear mathematical proof that it is to your advantage to offer $200.00 worth of free products to 2 people and then reap unlimited benefits from that. The metaphysical underpinnings of this approach (e.g. “give and ye shall receive ten-fold”) will be obvious to those with such a background.


Phase 1 – Giving to 2

In phase 1, you select 2 people who you think are interested in direct, 100% immersion into the action of giving in order to receive. In my case, these 2 people are Monica Maghiar, secretary of Madre Grande Monastery in Dulzura, CA and Laine Whitebear, a shamanic raw foodist in Arizona.

Here is how things look after phase 1:

And here is what has happened.

  1. I paid $210 to introduce Monica to MPB Today – $200 for groceries or a walmart card and $10.00 for the website.
  2. I paid $210 to introduce Laine to MPB Today
  3. I receive $25.00 from MPB today as a referral bonus for Monica
  4. I receive $25.00 from MPB today as a referral bonus for Laine
  5. Both Laine and Monica are business owners. They can offer 10,000 household and grocery items to whomever they want. They can also reap the tax benefits of running a home-based business. They can also sponsor others, just as I have sponsored them.


The normal method that MPB Today works is that new people interested in starting a business pay $210 to register as an affiliate under me. But because this is a direct proof and experiment in investing in loss, things are working the other way around.

Financial status after phase 1

  1. -$420 to enroll Scott and Monica
  2. +$50.00 for 2 personal introductions

So, -420 + 50 means I am $370 in the hole at this point (grin). Let’s see if we can fix that.

Phase 2 – Laine and Monica introduce two friends

After Laine and Monica both introduce 2 new business owners (presumably in the same generous way that I did), the affiliate tree looks like this:

The results of this (from my perspective as root of the affiliate tree are):

  1. $100.00 cycle bonus
  2. $200.00 walmart giftcard
  3. I become the root of a new, fresh, empty affiliate tree

Net financial status after phase 1 and 2:

– 370 + 300

Ok, so after phrase 1 and 2 we are only -70.00 down. But the best is yet to come… again and again and again!

Phase 3 – My second referral tree starts… and cycles all by itself!

Ok, once a referral tree has 6 people below the root, we say it is full, or cycled. So we start a new empty referral tree like this:

Now, believe it or not, this new referral tree can fill up completely with no involvement from me! I could be in a cave meditating or in Cancun relaxing on the beach! How is this possible? It’s called ….

The Follow-Me Rule

The Follow-Me rule states that the people that you sponsor follow you into your current referral tree whenever they cycle. So, looking back at this diagram:

we see that neither Monica or Laine have cycled yet. Monica needs 4 more people and so does Laine. So, to summarize at this point we have the following statuses:

  1. I need 6 for my next cycle
  2. Monica needs 4 for her next cycle
  3. Laine needs 4 for his next cycle

Now, let’s assume that Monica and Laine cycle – they get 4 more people in their tree. Monica’s tree would look like this:

and Laine’s similarly. Now, as soon as they cycle, they populate my tree automatically, because of the follow-me rule:

If you notice, this time, the box around Monica and Laine is not bold. This is because I did not newly sponsor them.

However, I think can imagine what happens eventually. Notice how John and Sally are in Monica’s downline? And notice how they are working their way towards a full matrix. And when they achieve it, they will follow Monica into this new tree. Likewise for Laine.

So eventually, with no work whatsoever on my part, I will cycle:

And at that time I receive:

  • $100 cycle bonus
  • $200 walmart card
  • a new empty referral tree

Phase 4 – the fun’s not over yet!

Now, I again get a new referral tree and as it stands, I would probably need to do some more introductions to get any more cycles. But this is where Leadership Infinity Coding Bonuses come in. Because I have cycled twice, I am eligible for them. And that means I get $80-$200 each time anyone in my team cycles, whether I introduced them or not.

Conclusion – yes you can give and receive more back

Let’s first look at my financial status during each phase:

  1. After Phase 1 (I introduce and pay for 2 friends), I have lost/invested 370.00.
  2. Phase 2 gains me $300, reducing my loss to only $70.00
  3. Phase 3 gains me another $300.00, putting me in the black at $230.
  4. My very minimum gain for Phase 4 will be N x $80.00, where N is the number of people in my organization that cycle. If assume that only 7 people in my entire downline of 14 people cycle, I would earn $560 passive dollars, bringing my earnings to $790, which is almost twice my initial investment.

We can see that paying for the membership of Laine and Monica was a wise investment that paid off.

Who are your Magic 2?

Now it’s time to kick back and simply ask: who do you like so much that you want them to have $200 of groceries or a $200.00 walmart card? Who do you want to see happy. Who would you lend $200.00 to and not resent it if they never gave it back. Those are your magic 2. Find them, and give them a membership in MPB Today. And then have them find their Magic 2 so you can both ride the freedom train to unlimited wealth!

Ready to Begin?

Whenever you are ready to start your magic route to infinity, contact me:

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