Getting started with zeek rewards

Signup with zeek under me and we will make money. I guarantee you!

I will help you make money there even if you dont sponsor anyone , that way you will avoid frustration not making money untill you get necessery recruting skills.

And when you are trained you can stop promoting zeek , and join another program and build it , because zeek will keep paying you.

We will build zeek together. It is a business so that means it is not
quick money over night, just give it time and together we will make
money you have my word.

Join using my zeek link:

Join as silver or higher. Or free if you dont have money right now.

You can use AlertPay, Credit Card or Solid Trust Pay.

One you join you have 3 websites

The first one is my business oprtunity link , I give that link to peoplw that will join zeek rewards.
The second one is zeekler penny auction site referal link. That link is for customers that are not interested in making money , they just want to buy cheap stuff via auction.

It is dificult to earn money as free member … possible but dificult.
Even if you are free your bonus points will grow

After signing up…


You have to post one ad a day and register that ad in backoffice to be qualified for dayily cash rewards.
go in backoffice
you will see red square that says you are not qualified

Count ad points
go in retail profit pool
You will see something like Bonus Balance: 110.00 points

Your bonus points will grow. Soon we will get you some vip bids also , from them you earn money.
In 60 days your bonus points will go to vip points
That means in 60 days you will receive 100 dollars or more.


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