Getting a grip on MAPS

These are my notes on My Advertising Pays

  • It takes about 100 days to earn 20% on a credit pack (CP) purchase.
  • A CP costs $50 and produces $60. 5% of the profit goes to the advertising fund ($3.00). The remainder can be withdrawn or used to buy more CPs ($7.00)
  • So once you reach 1200 CPs then you are earning 1200*$7.00 every 100 days = 8400 profit
  • So each year this is $25,200 profit

Case 1 – CM took 10 months to turn 340 CPs into 1200

So he spent $17,000 (because his referrals were not active) to buy 340 CPs and it took him about 1 year. It will take about 200 more days for him to break even and he will simply be realizing profits after that.

Case 2 – Me.

I’ve deposited about $1500 into MAPS and after 9 months have roughly twice the number of CPs in my account – I bought 30 and have 67 due to repurchasing.


It will be interesting to see if I double my CPs every 9 months.