forming a floatation tank business is now easier and more profitable than ever

Most people, when looking into floatation tanks are exposed to the expensive commerical tanks. While a used commercial tank is only $2000 to $3000, after shipping and [praying that all the parts of your secondhand tank work](, you still dont know your tank inside and out because you did not build it. Therefore any repairs are going through a commercial entity somewhere else also. And dont forget used things break faster than new ones. Finally, you are going to build tanks for others and duplicate the prosperity loan repayment solution I detail below. So you must be comfortable with building tanks for others.


Black Beauty Loan Repayment – “The Program That Pays You!”


I keep track of all [free floatation tank plans]( and encourage you to build your own. Now, if you dont have the $2000, but you own a space that is 11 feet by 9 feet, then we can finance you a [Black Beauty floatation tank]( for $2400.00, including salt… that’s 200/month. You need to go ahead and build it, so you can build it for others.


But it gets even better.

The payments are paid into my prosperity money machines instead of directly to me, making us both plenty ca$h.

  1. $225 goes into Loyalty Credits into AC I of my Lyoness accounting program. I need to manually register you on Lyoness. skype me at ‘metaperl’ and we can do that.
  2. 2 months later, $210 goes into my [MPB Today]( account
  3. 2 months later, Another 225 goes into AC II of my Lyoness accounting program
  4. over 6 months, the final $600.00 needs to be saved at $100.00 increments until you can purchase a single $600.00 Lyoness AC III investment unit

The final $1200 we wait 6 months before covering it. More than likely by that time, you will have multiples of your initial payments on tank construction coming back to you via countless income streams:

  • 11 income streams from Lyoness
  • 1-3 income streams from [MPB Today](
  • 1 income stream from renting tank time
  • 1 income stream from building tanks for others

If you want to know more about Lyoness, study these 4 videos carefully, the contact me for free registration (I cover $1.50)


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