Comparing 2 Business Opportunities

Let’s take a look at two different business opportunities to get a
taste of deciding which income opportunities to pursue and which to

Let’s compare Zeek Rewards with Visalus Health Sciences. First let’s
look at work required. In Zeek Rewards , you are required to post one
ad at a classifieds website each day. This should take about 10
minutes once you get used to it. In Visalus, you are expected to
recruit others into your business and realistically you should be
spending 1 to 3 hours per day at this in order to yield results. So
unless you are addicted to work, Zeek Rewards is the more attractive

Now, let’s move on to the profit profile. At this point, we must state
that any business opportunity involves risk and there is no promise of
financial reward promised or implied by what follows. You can read the
full disclaimer forĀ Zeek Rewards here:

Having said that, let’s look at the historically accurate profit
profiles for these two companies.

It is free to register with Zeek Rewards, while it costs $49 to register with
Visalus. However, it is a good idea to start your Zeek Business with
some inital money, so let’s say we put $49 into it as well.

It costs $10.00 per month to earn cash rewards at Zeek while $125 in
monthly purchase volume is required to earn commissions with Visalus.

So, after 6 months, you have spent $750 at Visalus and possibly earned no
profit. While at Zeek you have earned $140. If you subtract the $10
monthly fee and the $49 startup fee, you have profited by $31 in this
first 6 months.

From this study we can see that Visalus is less appealing because of
the amount regular work required. It also has a less appealing profit