All the money I’ve lost in Home Business

  1. $2,000 in WCM777 – a ponzi scheme that supposedly provided loan money to hotels, etc
  2. $1,000 in Sports Betting with Steve
  3. $300 in Binary Options with Steve via Options Rider
  4. $5,000 is probably lost in Binary Options with CTOptions – a broker called me up and said “we will trade your money for 2 weeks and you can get back your deposit at 2 weeks regardless” – after doing well for 2 weeks they now have done nothing but lose money and make excuses.
  5. $8,000 following Michael Murrihy of Copy Our Trades – details
  6. $500 or so in UInvest
  7. $2,000 lost in London Metals Market – supposedly they did margin trading on Silver… called me up on the phone. First thjng he said was: “I’m checking on the information I sent you” .. and of course he had sent nothing.