A new vision

I have been very focused on Lyoness for about 8 months and have made some progress. In fact, my focus on it was one of my pivotal reasons for moving as far as I have. However, something is telling me that it’s better to diversity my funds and interests.

My goal is 10,000/month from 10 difference sources, or 1,000/month from each.

And so, as much as I love the training and marketing material at Global NPN, paying 10.00/month right now is not advised until I have my cash leveraging systems paying me 1,000/month. Then I can work on people leveraging and then perhaps go even deeper into Lyoness which leverages all 3.

So what are my 10 systems to earn me $1000/month?

  1. Zeek Rewards
  2. Bidify
  3. Banners Broker
  4. Lyoness
  5. The Golden Path
  6. Foreign Exchange Investing
  7. Completely Free Retirement System
  8. Solavei
  9. Match Rate Plus
  10. Global NPN