Cryptocurrency Millionaire – follow the action

I just finished speaking with a cryptocurrency daytrader, who is aligned with ADSactly, with the following history:

  • bought FUEL coin at 600 sats, sold at 20k sats. 3000x return in 90 days
  • 5x return on Ethereum in 30 days

Actually prior to this the founder of ADSactly, Micah Wallace, got me into Gamecredits. I bought $200 worth. I watched the price sink by 20 to 40% but today my $200 worth of GMC is worth $350.. so that’s almost doubling my money in the space of 40-60 days. But that’s old news.

So my goal is to start with $1,000 worth of cryptocurrency and use his advice to become a millionaire. On this day 2/17/16, the cryptocurrency daytrader (Damien) who is aligned with ADSactly, has stated to me that he will be rallying behind GEMS, which is trading at 4000 sats (or about 2 cents).

This will be the main post linking to all the subposts as I post profit after profit on my way to 1 million in earnings. CCM is my abbreviation for cryptocurrency millionaire.