Karatbit Exchange lost 21922 KBC coins sent to me – no response from tech support

My Karatbars affiliate ID is supreme. On Nov 14, 2018 I filed ticket number 2329 with the karatbit exchange, detailing the fact that my fellow-member of Karatbars (osheaaddy) sent 21922 coins from his Karatbit exchange to my address on the Karatbit exchange (0x693e065e64d44cdd87d621468bee204f1bf8cef6).




Immediately after my ticket was filed, I went to the Karatbit Exchange official Telegram group and someone named Samantha said:

I never heard back from her, so I posted again:


So then I message “Isheet” in private:

And on Dec 8 “Mike” stated:


Suggestions for the Karatbit Exchange

  1. Fix the email message that you get when confirming a withdrawal. As you can see, the email message from my friend said “Please approve your withdrawal in amount of 21922 KBC KBC” — it mentioned KBC twice. This is an error that needs to be fixed.
  2. Provide a transaction ID with every withdrawal – I’ve used over 20 cryptocurrency exchanges and ALL of them provide a transaction ID so that you can track the progress of the transaction.


11 days have passed since I filed this ticket on Nov 14, 2018.

Karatbars Business Cards – step by step instructions

First register for an account at www.911Printers.com. Mention you were referred by customer number 45393. Next fill out an order. The quantity will be 1000 and the Item will be “Business Cards [Fold Over] – 3.5×4”

Then in the special instructions, tell them the instructions are at http://iwantyoutoprosper.com/?p=972  …

Outside Back

The outside back of the card will be this. Tell them what information you want there.


Outside front

This is the default outside front. However, you may like to use startling infographic 2 or startling infographic 3 instead.


Inside Folded


Additional Graphics


Golden Chest

Startling infographic #1


Startling infographic #2

Startling info graphic #3


Other Options

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