The Magic Formula – 6% per month = double your investment

 The Magic Formula

  1. Earn 6% on your money every month
  2. Compound your earnings every month
  3. Double your money every year

Where to get 6% per month?

Easy – purchase shares in a real company. Receive 10% of the share price every month for 2-3 years.

Where to do this

UInvest   – the World’s largest crowdfunding platform.

Can I see some sample potential monthly earnings:

Yes. Notice the first 2 columns below – the first column is price per share and the second is monthly earnings. So you pay the share price once and receive monthly dividends of roughly 10%. The best thing to do is reinvest these dividends

Finding a good broker in the US

One of the difficulties with doing forex in the US is the severe restrictions on the trading allowed. Some disallow hedging. Others disallow EAs. Ayush Consultancy provided me with a list of features I should look for in a broker:

[4/19/13 10:13:09 AM] forex trader and trainer: a good broker should allow
[4/19/13 10:13:28 AM] forex trader and trainer: 1 all hedging acctivity
[4/19/13 10:13:52 AM] forex trader and trainer: 2.all type of EA and robots,scripts
[4/19/13 10:14:10 AM] forex trader and trainer: 3 should allow scalping
[4/19/13 10:14:32 AM] forex trader and trainer: 4 allow stoploss in 20 points
[4/19/13 10:14:49 AM] forex trader and trainer: 5 spreads should be low