My Gmail and Skype were hacked

My gmail account and why Skype ID wealthsystem have been taken from me. How did it happen? Well, a person requested to add me as a friend on Facebook. I noticed he was a friend of my sponsor in a program so I was happy to accept. As I began to chat with him, he spoke of impressive credentials as a CEO and said he was looking to invest some money.

I immediately thought of a friend of mine who does well investing in cryptocurrencies. I told him about my friend and offered to make a Skype meeting but he declined and tricked me into entering my Gmail password at a phishing site:

And that was the beginning of the end for me. I received an email notification at my primary email address that google noticed suspicious activity on – but by the time I went there, the thief had already setup 2-factor authentication on my account. Imagine that – without confirming any personal information (or even a PIN assigned at registration), they let a person in India take over an account which had never been used outside the USA. They didnt even require me to acknowledge that I approved of the new sign-ins.

And once you have someone’s email, taking over Skype is easy. Because you just goto and say you lost your password and as long as you can receive the email to reset the password, you can change the password without knowing the original password. So then the attacker proceeded to harrass my contacts, asking them to send him money.

Lessons Learned

  1. Put a layer of control on your gmail by buying a domain and only using Gmail through the domain that you own. This way, if the person breaks into the email account, you control the domain that he broke into and can shut down the domain. This is similar to what I do with my cell phone number. My actual number I never give out. Instead I publish the Google Voice number. I recommend Zoho for this purpose – it’s free to have 10 users on your own domain! Killer
  2. map Skype to a junk email other than your main one. either that or map it to an email with 2 factor authentication.
  3. Distrust people you havent known for awhile?
  4. Distrust products you havent heard of?
  5. Dont enter your password at non-official sites.
  6. If you care about what is in a Gmail account, then put 2 factor auth on it. Because they have not really thought out the process of account recovery and it does not do a good job of insuring that the person changing credentials is the original owner.
  7. Only use products that have a customer service team you can contact by phone or live chat.? Gmail is “free” — well they make a lot of money selling ads to me. So it would be nice if they used some of that profit to hire a support staff.


  • Gmail Help Form –!forum/gmail – the top of the forum links to the question “””

    My account may have been accessed by someone else, how do I secure it?

    “”” – but unfortunately all you are going to find is that you have to visit the accounts recovery page and wait 3-5 days before getting a response. A cold impersonal response by Email.


  • Kudos to facebook. Once I notified them that my account was compromised, I uploaded a driver’s license and had control over my account within 2 hours. So much better than Skype or Gmail in this case!
  • Down with facebook and all non-free software  … this is the idea of Richard Stallman, who has real reasons not to use Skype also.
  • It really boils down to who you trust. Erecting a tower around yourself and being fully protected will never work. You have dependencies and its just a matter of what dependencies you choose to have. The more autonomous and decentralized and anonymous you are, the less you can depend on others, particularly government and corporations. The more you depend on goverments and corporations, the less sovereign you are.

MMM Earning Plans

There are two basic ways to earn in MMM Global. First, you can simply provide financial help to someone else and then simply accumulate interest on your financial help. This helps you grow at 20%, compounded monthly. This is the passive approach. The active approach is where you do a daily social outreach task, this helps your financial contribution grow at 100%, compounded monthly. This is the active approach. let’s go over the passive approach first.

Passive Approach

Watch this video to understand the earning plan, based on simply letting your Mavro grow:

Active approach

Watch this video to understand the earning plan when you commit to a daily task so that your Mavro grows even faster.

MMM Manager’s School

Prerequisites for Manager’s School

  • Skype installed
  • Must be able to use GotoMeeting Webinars
  • Wake up at 7am EDT daily for 7 days
  • Computer with Microphone


If you want to:

– know more about MMM, its community and about the way it works!

– gain experience from the top leaders of MMM!

– find better and more effective ways of inspiring people to join MMM!

– work as a team with like-minded people!

– grow as an MMM leader!

– become Financially Free!

Remember it is absolutely free of charge! All it is needed to graduate the school is your desire and time.

Classes start on 17.11.15

Sign up here:

School administrators will send you a Skype contact request if your application will be approved.


Participants from Philippines should apply for MMM Philippines online school:

Participants from hindi speaking countries, willing to become managers in Republic of bitcoin should graduate hindi speaking school here:

Participants from China, willing to become managers in Republic of bitcoin should graduate chinese speaking school here:

Participants from Africa, willing to become managers in Republic of bitcoin should graduate SA managers school here:
MMM Global Manager’s School Application Form

The Power of Giving

If ever there is a lack of any kind, whether it is need for employment, or for money, or for guidance, or even for healing, something is blocking the flow. And the most effective remedy: Give! — Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics: The Prosperity Process


“A man there was, and they called him mad, The more he gave, the more he had.”  – Anonymous


If you want money, you only have to do one thing…Give money away. That’s right. Give it away…. Give without expecting return from that person, but do expect return.   — Joe Vitale “The Greatest Money Making Secret in History


NOTHING speaks to the UNIVERSE louder, of your BELIEF in self, abundance, and love, than giving. —


Your returns in life must be in direct proportion to what you give.  — “The Strangest Secret”, Earl Nightingale

MMM Global

MMM is an ONLINE DONATION COMMUNITY. Its members GIVE DONATIONS WILLINGLY, WITHOUT expecting any returned donation back. However, MMM gives an OPPORTUNITY to all members who HAVE GIVEN DONATIONS, to RECEIVE DONATIONS from other members: give today, receive more tomorrow.

What’s in it for you?

20% to 100% monthly on your money, depending on your effort. 20% is with no effort (completely passive). 100% is with a daily task that takes less than 10 minutes.

Your earnings compound at 20 to 100% per month. So if you do nothing, you double your money every 6 months. If you do your daily task, then you double your money every month.

Visit the earnings plan post to see the details.

Learning About MMM Global

Visit my affiliate page  to get an idea about the organization. Be sure to read the Ideology section and the “What is MMM” section.


Contact your sponsor for her affiliate link. After registering, you will receive an email from Personal Office. Visit the link in the email to setup a password as shown here.

Install Team Viewer

The easiest way to get a lot of these things done is to have your sponsor help you at first. So install Skype and TeamViewerTeamViewer is excellent because it allows your sponsor to control your computer and do all these things for you!

Getting Started (Day 1)

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to obtain a bitcoin wallet and fund it with money. US Citizens will find it easiest to use Coinbase.
  2. Next login to
  3. Go to My Page -> My Page. Setup invite name (username). Leave phone unconfirmed. It is not used. Your referral link will eventually update based on the invite name. Once you set it, don’t change it.
  4. Accounts -> Add. Don’t edit accounts, just add. They are paranoid about editing. Fill in the details of your Bitcoin wallet.
  5. Dashboard -> Provide Help. Here is where you enter the amount of help you want to provide. Once you have done so and the system has located someone for you to send money to, follow this video.

MMM Extra

The above is all you need to do if all you want is a passive 20% monthly on your money. If you want 100% on your money per month, then you need to do a daily task.

  1. Click on “MMM Extra”
  2. Find a task and choose Start Task
  3. Follow the directions. If you find you dont want to do this task, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Reject Task” and find another.

Day 2

Go to Participants -> Referrals -> Show my referral link. Note your referral link.

Because you made an offer to provide help yesterday, you will be notified to whom to send help within 24-72 hours. It will look like this:

Here is a video which shows you how to send the money to the other person, but It’s best to get help from your sponsor on providing help the first one or two times you do it. It isn’t hard, but it’s best to get some help.

Withdrawing Funds (Receiving Help)

Later you will want to withdraw funds. Here is how to do so.

MMM Pays (Bigtime)

One too many downtimes

HQRevshare is down once again:

And they often drop payments. I pay for ad packs but they are not credited.

I have sent a total of $33.00
to HQRevshare, as my solid trust pay records show:

But the dashboard claimis that I have only deposited $16.00:

I noticed this issue today, because I bought another
pack today and it was not credited, even though
money was taken from Solid Trust Pay.

Here is the payment confirmation from Solid Trust

But as you can see the active ads packs does not
show one dated today:

To conclude, I have sent enough money to buy 6 packs
but I only have 3 packs and about $2.00 in account
balance and that includes revenue share.

I think what is happening is that the HQRevshare
server is going down between the time I make the
payment and when the server is supposed to get
it. Oftentimes, when I attempt to login or visit
pages, the site will go down, presumably due to

Please rectify this situation.

Finally, I attempted to write a message to support
about this, but the image that is supposed to show
up is broken, as this screenshot shows:

Getting a grip on MAPS

These are my notes on My Advertising Pays

  • It takes about 100 days to earn 20% on a credit pack (CP) purchase.
  • A CP costs $50 and produces $60. 5% of the profit goes to the advertising fund ($3.00). The remainder can be withdrawn or used to buy more CPs ($7.00)
  • So once you reach 1200 CPs then you are earning 1200*$7.00 every 100 days = 8400 profit
  • So each year this is $25,200 profit

Case 1 – CM took 10 months to turn 340 CPs into 1200

So he spent $17,000 (because his referrals were not active) to buy 340 CPs and it took him about 1 year. It will take about 200 more days for him to break even and he will simply be realizing profits after that.

Case 2 – Me.

I’ve deposited about $1500 into MAPS and after 9 months have roughly twice the number of CPs in my account – I bought 30 and have 67 due to repurchasing.


It will be interesting to see if I double my CPs every 9 months.


Reverse 2-up compensation plan

Selina, thank you for the chance to present a possibility for the monthly membership plan to benefit the members of the New Wealth Creations Network.

First things first, let’s cover legality. A pass-up plan for memberships is 100% legal and in use by the following organizations:

  1. Automatic Lead Tools –
    If you click on “Compensation you will see that they use a pass-up
    compensation plan.
  2. Pure Leverage –
    Pure Leverage and the related company “Empower Network” both use a
    pass-up compensation plan.
  3. Power Lead System –
    Power Lead System also uses a pass-up compensation plan.

Next, what is the benefit of this compensation plan. There is exactly one benefit and it is fully in line with the primary teaching in Wealth Creations Network:

to create wealth, you must leverage people or cash to create exponential growth.

The simple pass-up pay plan does create exponential growth in income.

So now that we see the power of the plan, how does a pass-up plan work? Let’s take the monthly 49.97 and for simplicity’s sake, presume that 40.97 goes to the WCN company and 9.00 is paid to the new pro and new elite affiliates.

  1. You pay your 49.97 monthly fee
  2. You register a pro/elite affiliate. The first $9.00 goes to you.
  3. You register a 2nd pro/elite affiliate. You pass the $9,00 payment and person up to your sponsor.
  4. You register a 3rd pro/elite affiliate. The $9.00 goes to you.
  5. You register a 4th pro/elite affiliate. You pass the $9.00 payment and person up to your sponsor.
  6. For any further pro/elite affiliates you register, you earn the full
    $9.00 payment on them.

So now let’s look at what this does. And let’s assume that you only attract 10 people to WCN. And you thoroughly train them. Here is what your income looks like:

  1. For the 10 people that you attracted, you only passed up your 2nd and 4th prospect. So you earn $72.00 monthly residual for your work because 8 people will be paying you $72.00
  2. Each of the 8 people you trained are fully capable of attracting 10 people to their business. And just like you, each of those 8 people will be passing up their 2nd and 4th people to you, which means that you now have 16 NEW PEOPLE paying you $9.00 per month for $144.00 of additional monthly income.
  3. These 16 new people are thoroughly trained and all confident of adding 10 people to their organization. Because of this plan, they will all pass up their 2nd and 4th to you. This adds 32 new people to your pay line, leading to $288.00 of additional monthly income.
  4. The same exponential growth occurs again, adding 64 people to your pay line and $576 of additional monthly income.
  5. So you are now earning a cool $1080 per month: 576 + 288 + 144 + 72 and you have 127 people paying you, but you only directly introduced 10.
  6. This exponential growth of your organization never stops. Assuming the same growth, the additional income from pass-ups will be 1152, 2304, 4608



Finally, what are the drawbacks to this plan?

  1. The drawback is that you are passing up entire people to your sponsor — only 2, but you are in fact giving away people. Even this disadvantage is somewhat of an advantage because passing up people allows me to confirm that my trainees are training new people thoroughly.
  2. But also consider: what if you pass up a super-recruiter? Then you lose all of that person’s future efforts.
  3. Another thing: people often manipulate a pass-up system by intentionally passing up a dud who has no plan to build.
  4. Do you really want 100 or more direct reports in Wealth Creation Network? The exponentially growing income is very attractive. And in a sense, you wont have too many problems because each person is getting the same training. But it is something to think about.  Some people want to attract 6 business-minded people who they can take into any opportunity and who can invite me into theirs. Once they get those 6, then they retire from attracting people and make sure their “board of directors” is getting their “board of directors”.

Saga of a Blown Account

OK, so I was really wired about the free news trading EA that Henry Liu puts out. I liked it better than Forex News Expert, which I paid for. After demoing it for a week or two and profiting handsomely. I figured it was time to go live with some real cash.

I was not satisfied with the 10% monthly gains I was getting from my money managers. I saw the huge price spikes on news events and I wanted a piece of this action myself. I didnt see any point in paying henry liu $250 a month to be in his live trading room, even though he has documented 2000 pip gains. I have not finished reading either. But I was ready to strike it rich.

So I put $1000 into a profiforex account and let ‘er rip.

The first thing that happened was I noticed a plummet in the price 15 minutes before the news event. So I decided to move the time to start the straddle to 20 minutes before the news event. By default, the software places a straddle on the relevant pair 60 seconds before the annoucement. I definitely prefer to straddle 20 minutes out, because the deep pockets know the news before the public anyway.

I lost the first news trade. The price dipped down a bit more after the strong downward move 15 minutes prior to the event. It dipped just enough to trigger my sell stop but not enough to take profits or have a trailing stop. But anyway, that was $75 lost. No biggie. I was trading 0.50 lots and it lost 15 pips.

However, I still fool around with Binary Options and my guru signal provider made a call for a binary signal. So I decided to trade it forex style. I shorted 1 lot of GBPJPY on a $1000 account – that is 100 times too large. when the trade started to lose, I placed ANOTHER short for 1 lot instead of a long order. So now I had twice the loss and the price was just climbing and climbing.

Eventually I cut the short that was further out of the money for $300 loss.

The next morning, I was only $100 down on the other short. A news event was coming up (the NFP and a UK news event). I was all ready to clock some profits when this happened:

you see that large price spike? Well that open short order that I had quickly blew the remaining equity in the acocunt:


If I had not had this open trade, my straddle would’ve caught this news event and I would’ve pulled in some good profit. Actually, I would not have. If you notice the BUY STOP is on the GBPUSD, which actually went South on this trade while the GBPJPY went north and drained my account.

I think one of the issues with Henry’s software is that it tries to be correct about the direct on the correlated pairs instead of taking profit when the price jumps in either direction.

There are many good article on forex psychology. But I will try to summarize what I learned from this:

  1. Have a game plan for both entering and exiting
  2. Dont take extra random advice. Stick to your game plan
  3. Dont be greedy – exercise proper money management
  4. Be patient

More important than any of these is LEAVE IT TO THE PROS. Professional money managers, the ones I have thousands of dollars with, have to prove themselves for several months with good drawdowns and good monthly gains. I spent 1 week with play money before I leaped in with real money.

So i will close this article with a snapshot of what is left of the $1000 trading account:

and the song that is playing over and over in my head:

Three Ducks EA

The three ducks is a forex trading strategy based on 3 simple moving averages. When all 3 moving averages are on the same side of the current price, you open a trade.

The purpose of this EA is to make it simpler to detect trading opportunities.

Here is how to use it.

Download the EA from MQL4.

Install in the Experts directory of your MT4 installation.

Drag it onto an M5 chart.

It will plot the H4 and H1 SMAs using gold and blue text.

The H4 SMA tells you the current trend. If the H4 SMA is above the current price, then the long-term trend is selling. If the H4 SMA is below the current price, then the long-term trend is buying.

The H1 SMA potentially confirms the H4 findings. If it is on the same side of the current price as the H4 SMA, then the trend is confirmed.

In the terminology of the inventor, you now have 2 ducks in a row. If these SMAs are both above the current price, then a potential SELL opportunity is near. If they are both below then a potential BUY opportunity is near.

If a potential BUY or SELL opportunity is near, then you use the M5 chart to decide your entry. What you do is you move from the current time backwards to the first candle that is above the SMA (for a buy opportunity) or below the SMA (for a sell opportunity).

In the picture below we see a SELL opportunity:

  • – the H4 and H1 SMA are both above the current price
  • – the current price has broken below the previous candle which was below