Recommended Programs

  1. EvoBinary – automated forex trading service producing 27% monthly gains with documented track records.  English Business Presentation – also has a powerful binary MLM – performance results and other info
  2. Recyclix – 14% profit every 5 weeks – enter F0C8-8D65-324A as your “Master” (a better word would be sponsor IMHO).
  3. SignalPush
  4. All in One Profits – suite of internet marketing tools for affordable price.
  5. CreditCardRental – 10% referral fee and earn 55 – 100 every 60 days on each person you add to your credit cards (normally 2 people)
  6. The Billon Coin, CoinLeaders and any of the cryptocurrencies whose price only goes up
  7. ADSactly – a cooperative you need to be in so that you can hear what our members are up to and so they can hear what you are up to.
  8. Whole World Foundation – help a charitable foundation and help yourself as well.

Lead Generation

  1. Guaranteed Solo Mails
  2. The Downliner
  3. Leads Leap – awesome traffic source.
  4. MLM Recruit on Demand – unlimited leads for only $15 or $115 or $100/month (depending on what you want in terms of prospecting, presenting and follow-up)




Why you should not join Ambit

This is coming from a person who made RC. let’s keep it simple. First you dont get paid on consultants in the first level (MC – marketing consultant). You could have tons of consultants sponsoring tons of consultants and you would earn NOTHING on them, just because Ambit decided that you shouldnt be paid on them.

Next, the people above you get paid more on your business than you do. Consumer choice marketing got that one right and Ambit didnt.

Finally, I will let this ridiculous email directly from Ambit say the rest. I thought a network marketing business was about building walkaway residual income. Well not with Ambit!

Ambit Energy
Action Required on Your Ambit Business

Dear Terrence Brannon,

We’re glad to have you as an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant. We’ve noticed, however, you haven’t enrolled a new Customer or sponsored a new Consultant for a while. As stated in Section 10.2 of the Ambit Policies & Procedures document:

To remain active, a Consultant must sponsor a new Consultant or enroll a new energy Customer within the preceding four months, or maintain a minimum of 20 pending or energized Customer points. If a Consultant does not sponsor a new Consultant or enroll a new energy Customer in the preceding four months, or maintain a minimum of 20 pending or energized Customer points, the Consultant’s Ambit business will be placed into inactive status and no commission will trigger until the position is reactivated by sponsoring a new Customer or Consultant. This rule does not apply in the Consultant’s first year.

We show that you still have 15 days to maintain your active status. If you have any questions, please reach out to your upline, or call Ambit Energy Consultant Support at (877) 302-6248 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., or Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT.

Thank You,

The Ambit Consultant Support Team

Why I left iMarketsLive

iMarketsLive has one outstanding pro: the CEO is right in the trenches with you and directly available. That being said, having sampled the 3 products of iMarketsLive (live trading room, harmonic scanner and signals), I think they are all good products. However, with the breakup of membership in IML between marketers and customers, I think you would agree that many customers (such as myself) only want the signals. I personally cannot justify paying for services I cannot use. I wrote to support requesting that we be able to purchase trading services on a per-trader basis. They logged the feedback, but of course nothing will change immediately. Because you can only follow 2 traders, I am effectively spending $75.00 per trader. I can find traders for $20 to $50 per trader with stronger records here:



All the money I’ve lost in Home Business

  1. $2,000 in WCM777 – a ponzi scheme that supposedly provided loan money to hotels, etc
  2. $1,000 in Sports Betting with Steve
  3. $300 in Binary Options with Steve via Options Rider
  4. $5,000 is probably lost in Binary Options with CTOptions – a broker called me up and said “we will trade your money for 2 weeks and you can get back your deposit at 2 weeks regardless” – after doing well for 2 weeks they now have done nothing but lose money and make excuses.
  5. $8,000 following Michael Murrihy of Copy Our Trades – details
  6. $500 or so in UInvest
  7. $2,000 lost in London Metals Market – supposedly they did margin trading on Silver… called me up on the phone. First thjng he said was: “I’m checking on the information I sent you” .. and of course he had sent nothing.

Home Business Opportunities

The key to a home business is CASH IN – CASH OUT: how much cash you need to get started, how much cash you will get out and how soon. And of course, you want to work one time and get paid over and over.

  1. Rent your credit card available credit to improve others credit score (they will not spend). – FREE TO START, $55 to $1,200 every 2 months.
  2. Forex with Signal Trader  – $1,200 IN, $60-$120 OUT monthly (but best to compound).
  3. Binary Options through SignalPush – $5,000 IN, $500 OUT monthly.
  4. ADSactly – $100.00 to $10,000.00 IN, millions out in 2 years. Really.
  5. Easy1Up – $25 to $500 IN, unlimited $25 to $5oo OUT per sale.
  6. Exitus Elite – $1,300 IN, unlimited $1,000 OUT per sale.
  7. Tranont – $399 IN. ? OUT (based on sales volume of you and your team).
  8. Nikken $99 IN ? OUT (based on sales volume of you and your team).

Let the compounding begin

Today, Jan 3 2015, I have 118 ad packs:

This will earn me $1.00 per day per ad pack or $118 dollars per day. So I will be buying 2 ad packs per day. My goal is to make $500 per day all by myself in Traffic Monsoon by May, or about 120 days from now. My friend Antonio did so as you can see:

I dont have any referrals as you can see, so it’s just me compounding all by myself for 4 months. Let the games begin!


My cup runneth over – wealth surges in 2016

I had an odd feeling that 2016 was going to be a year of financial freedom. And everytime that I think I have the key, the key opens the door to even more wealth. I’m not kidding. It’s like I cant stop it. But anyway, for the business-minded, here is a rundown of my wealth-creating activities:

Revenue Sharing

it does appear that Traffic Monsoon is the king of revenue sharing:

Nonetheless me and the person in that facebook post are experimenting with our own Revenue Sharing website.

Bitcoin-Based Fractional Lending

I am involved in Republic Bitcoin and MMM Global. As I write this, my recommendation level is low for both, so I do not recommend either to anyone else, but I fully expect both to have done very well in 6 months.


Adsactly is a very large and complex beast, 3 years in the making. It is a decentralized collective that incubates other companies into existence. Some very fertile avenues they have developed along are the crypto currency club and bleu-trade, which are discussed below.

Crypto Currency Club

Watch this video to learn about the Crypto Currency Club.


How would you like to receive more Bitcoin, Litecoin, DOGEcoin, and Novacoin every 12 hours? It’s easy at Bleu Trade!


INFINii is an MLM which automates the process of selling goods for profit on eBay and Amazon. They are very beta and I doubt I will keep paying the monthly fee.


Sign up as a Marketing Consultant in my Ambit business. I will give you a credit card number to pay for the Marketing Consultant fee and also the website fee. Within 4 weeks, I will get 3 energy customers for you which will trigger a $100 bonus for you. A 5-minute sign-up process to net $100. Not bad.

Jared Elkins

It would be very unfair of me to attempt to describe Jared Elkins, but I will try. First here is a recording of a webinar.  High points of the webinar:

  1. Definition of wealth
  2. Free gift for the night was to join the Board of Directors of a company projected to gross 75 million per month.
  3. He is a math geek
  4. He does mass emailing through his own mail servers in a CAN-SPAM compliant way with an 80% accept rate.
  5. Will be the largest holder of traffic generating and profit making internet sites by buying and selling them.
  6. Will be creating Tsunami Coin, which is backed by silver and monetizes internet traffic.

Most importantly, you must contact me NOW so I can add you to a Facebook chat and give you the call-in and video webinar address for the 9pm EDT call where he will be giving away a free gift every day from now until New Year’s.

You need to watch his 49 part video series as soon as you can – the way to do that is to

  1. Visit my facebook page
  2. Cllick on the meme “Get 5000 Record to Email in 5 days”
  3. Registering using facebook should code you to me.

The ideal revenue share system

I’m involved in a few online businesses and of all of them, I have to say I like revshare advertising the best for the following reasons:

  1. No need to sponsor to profit – most people getting involved in home business have no idea about sales and give up after getting rejected by a few family members of lack of duplication. Finally, with this business model you can grow your earnings on your own.
  2. Compounding – with a good site, you can take your money and make more money on a frequent basis.
  3. Simple – Both points 1 and 2 could be achieved via some sort of trading like binary options or forex, but revshare advertising only takes about 10 minutes per day: you just click your ads and maybe buy some more advertising packs and you are done for the day.
  4. Low risk: unlike currency trading, there is very little risk of actually losing money). As long as other people keep buying advertising packs, everyone wins. With currency trading, there are more factors than just other people buying, such as news events, which put your financial commitment at risk of being lost.
  5. Fast gains – revenue sharing advertising sites pay out somewhere between every 20 minutes and every day. What this means is that you and other participants can take your profits and purchase more advertising leading to more and more revenue sharing on a very frequent basis.

I’m in the following revshare advertising sites:

My Advertising Pays

Known as “MAPS”, this was the first revenue advertising site. Advertising packs cost $50.00 each, which meant it took a long time to before the profits from an advertising pack would allow you to buy another pack. For instance, if you bought and ad pack, and earned about $1.00 per day, your ad pack would produce $55.00 in about 2 months. At that time, you could then buy another pack with your $50.00 and keep your $5.00 on account. If you repeated this 10 times, then you would have $50 profit, at which point you could then buy another advertising pack. So, with MAPS, if you bought 1 ad pack, you would be able to buy a second ad pack on profits 20 months later. At that point you would 2 ad packs, which would give you a larger share of the revenue paid out every 20 minutes, but all in all, $50.00 would be too little amount of money to generate any useful revenue in a reasonable amount of time. Another thing is that after awhile, you reach a point where you ad packs are maturing to full payout amount just as soon as you buy one, leaving you stuck with never getting beyond a certain number of ad packs. This happened to me around the 90 ad pack mark. If I had had a few people as referrals, then their purchases probably would’ve boosted me beyond the 90 ad-pack mark. But as it stood, I hit a brick wall around 90 ad packs.

Reflecting on MAPS, we see the following:

  1. $50.00 is a high price for an ad pack. It leads to slow compounding of ad pack purchases.
  2. MAPS shared revenue every 20 minutes. While this led to rapid repurchases, it was taxing on the system. Most successors to MAPS share revenue every hour.
  3. MAPS had a bunch of irritating things to verify you were human, such as entering CAPTCHA values to prove you were human. This indeed gets tedious when you have to do it day after day. Furthermore, I dont think we need to act as is MAPS, or any other revshare advertising site is really about advertising, it’s about a way for people interested in profit to profit safely and steadily without having to get referrals. I think I’ve had one sign-up from over 500,000 hits on my businesses through revshare advertising sites. If I really wanted to locate business-minded people looking for an opportunity, I would be better off buying a solo ad where $50.00 would buy me 50 clicks and I would probably get about 5 sign ups. You wont see any sign-up from a single 50.00 advertising pack from any revshare site.
  4. MAPS accepted payments through a credit card processor called VX Gateway and through Solid Trust Pay. Later revshare sites accepted PayPal which increased their reputation and ease of use.

Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon is very similar to MAPS. It is aggravating to login to Monsoon because you have to solve a hard-to-read CAPTCHA. Just like MAPS, ad packs also cost $50.00, which means that you can again get caught in a situation where you dont have enough new revenue to compound your earnings quickly into new packs.  Case in point, I just logged into Monsoon and I have $18.00 sitting there. I cant buy new shares in Monsoon for a whole day because it will take that long to build up to $50.00. With a revshare system with lower costs for ad packs, I could use that cash immediately.

Take away points

  1. Monsoon is a clone of MAPS basically. Not much to more to say. They both give a 10% referral bonus and they both forbid stacking, which means you cannot sponsor yourself. This is a problem, because I want to help out my mom and my friend with earning income, but neither of them is interested in clicking ads, etc. I would like to control my account, and then control my mom and my sister’s account on their behalf. I don’t see why there is so much hate for stacking. You are just making optimal use of the system.

HQ Revshare

HQRS was one of the first revshare systems that did not require daily surfing to earn in the revenue share. At its height, it had over $20 million dollars deposit and over 5 million dollars in withdrawal. For some odd reason, it has been having serious technical problems. Actually, to be honest, they always had technical problems. They would accept payments from solid trust pay and then not add the ad packs to my account because their site would drop connection during the payment process. I wrote to support when this happened and they fixed it the first time. However, this time the site operator is gone and no one can get in. But we all have his facebook page and strongly believe once he gets over grieving a family loss, he will return.

Take away:

  1. When a site is run by a single person, the whole thing can go down and everyone can lose their money when that person is no longer available.
  2. A purely passive site will attract large amounts of revenue and is sustainable.
  3. Having so many people logging into a single website creates serious scalability problems.
  4. A lot of the advertisements being served often have huge delays leading to slow or no page loads. For instance, if a website is pulling banners from 20 or 30 other sites, and some of those sites are lagging, then the main page at the main site lags.
  5. Having a lower cost of entry is appealing. Ad packs only cost $5.00 at HQRS – 10 times cheaper than Monsoon or MAPS!

Mo Brabus

Mo Brabus (MoB) gained a lot of attention because they showed how their site could lead to much more earnings in 30 days than either Monsoon or MAPS. They had nice powerpoint slides and excel spreadsheets with calculations and presentations. Another great thing about MoB is that the CEO, developer and tech support person are all in the Skype room with you.

The downside of MoB is that they have had several serious technical issues time and time again. The site is constantly plagued with new failures. Not only that but because they implemented a forced matrix in their comp plan, it takes a long time to calculate their revshare.

A final failing of MoB is that they offered a free $30.00 to new sign-ups and then began to lock people’s accounts based on suspected fraudulent sign-ups. Suspected. In other words, honest members were locked out of their accounts because they had sign-ups from the same IP. There are numerous legitimate reasons for sign-ups from the same IP and if MoB really cared about unique users, they would have users uniquely identify themselves by uploading government IDs. But instead they treat their honest customers with distrust and suspicion, a very poor policy.

On top of the final failing: they have monthly/annual membership fees… that was a failing of MAPS that they should have dropped. 5.00/month for basic membership and 50/mo for pro membership. Both completely a unique failing of Mo Brabus.

Take away:

  1. MoB keeps your deposits from separate payment processors in separate wallets. This means if you have $2.00 from one wallet and $3.00 from another processor’s wallet, you cannot buy a $5.00 ad pack.
  2. One cool thing about MoB is there is a daily cutoff time for surfing. Both Monsoon and MAPS bumped ahead the clock by 24 hours each time you surfed. This could lead to you losing a few hours of revshare. I found myself logging into Monsoon and MAPS twice a day to make sure that I did not lose a few hours of revshare. Let me give you an example. If I wake up at 9am and do my surfing, then I need to do my surfing at 9am or earlier the next day to get a full days revshare. If I do the next day’s surfing after 9am, then I am not qualified for revshare until I do the surfing. By contrast, when there is a fixed time by which all surfing must be done each day, say 5pm, then it doesnt matter if I surf at 9am, 10am, 5am, etc. This is much less taxing on the brain.

My Paying Ads

And the one I favor above all others is My Paying Ads (MPA). First thing I like about it is the graduated ad pack program:

I love how each time I have an extra dollar or 2 in the revshare, that I can buy another share. It is important to note that each ad pack plan is a different revenue share. I.e., the $1.00 packs share revenue separately from the $3.00 packs and so on.

Here is a screenshot of someone who is kicking ass in MPA:

This site is run by Uday N. He has a Ph.D in civil engineering and lives in Singapore. I managed to locate his Facebook accounts. His personal profile has not been updated since June 2014 and I see lots of posts to his business profile on Facebook, but I don’t see any by him, ever. There havent been many recent updates to either by him.

Another great thing about this site, is that you don’t have to deal with entering CAPTCHA codes and clicking on similar images to prove you are human.


The ideal site (in an ever-evolving landscape)

Automatic pack purchases

Automatic pack purchases – is the killer feature

Numerous trusted site owners.

Each person that reaches a certain amount of share holdings is a complete owner of the site, will full admin rights. I

Low repurchase

Instead of charging $50 per ad pack, just charge $1.00

24-7 public video webinars

You can attend any webinar. You can contribute to webinars at your level+1 and below.

Monthly Bonuses


High quality squeeze

Notifications when people register?

Multiple accounts allowed

No blocks on IP

No banning – just democratic discussion

No surf requirements to earn

Run by an IT professional of over 15 years.