My very first affiliate sale ever!!!!!

I am proud to say that i signed up The Homeless Voice as an affiliate. What this means is they get 2% of all grocery sales purchased through the Southeastern Delivery website and I get 0.5 percent.

There are no payouts until they reach $1200 in purchases. After that, there is monthly payment. Now, $1200.00 in purchases equates to $24.00 for them and $6.00 for me, but it’s passive income and puts no strain on the buyer because he’s just buying groceries!

It’s all about being original

I had the nerve to ask Networking Market Legend Vic Hutchinson that affirmations should only be stated in the present and he said: “that’s a load of crap, is all that foolishness you been reading getting you anywhere… you state an affirmation based on how it makes you feel. dont mimic me or anyone else. Energy is what makes these things manifest”

and I really believe he has something there.


For every friend referred – You get $20.00*, they get $20.00.

All you need to do is activate and load your new netspend prepaid debit Card with $40.00 and you’ll each get $20.00!

My referral code is 5321558703

But it’s simpler if you just send me an email at requesting a referral email.

The default plan is perfect for a quick get in and get out. Heres all you have to do:


#1 – You load it with 40.00 and pay the 3.95 transaction fee:


#2 – You go through phone verification of your identity:

and yes it is a hassle to answer 5-10 questions that check such things as streets you have lived on, month born, last 4 of SSAN, etc. But it’s more profitable than filing your nails and/or websurfing, so make your choice 🙂

#3 – They give you 20 bucks:

#4 – Then you spend it all sans the 1.00 transaction fee and call it a day 🙂


Yes that's 59.00 - each juice is 8.00 and the raw organic cheese block is 10.00 and then you throw in 2 things of grapes...

#5 – Oh I forgot. The guy who referred me? He gets 20 bucks also:

My friend Curt has received MULTIPLE 20.00 bonuses!


A lot of people find this offer hard to believe. I mean think about it, you fund the card with 40 bucks and they give you 20 and also give out a referral fee of 20. So, they are basically going to lose 40.00 minus transaction fees once you exhaust your deposit.

Banks do it all the time

I recently was offered 150.00 to open a Chase account. So banks and financial services often take a small hit up front just to attract you as a customer and this offer by netspend is another such offer.

What does netspend have to say?



I contacted customer service about this and here is what they had to say:

Hello Terrence,

Thank you for contacting Netspend Customer Care!

I understand that you want your friend to recover the $40 requirement deposit.

Both accounts will be credited $20 each if the referral is valid. This does not mean that every referred person must recover the $40 deposit. This is simply how our Refer a Friend Program works. It is up to you if you will participate or not. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Thank you for choosing NetSpend. Have a great day!

Customer Care Specialist

Answers to frequently asked questions and self-help options can be found online at or by calling Customer Care at 1-86-NetSpend (1-866-387-7363).