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Invitation to Wealth

I feel it is my responsibility to tell everyone how I have been earning so much income without having a full-time job. This video
explains the 3 wealth vehicles that have allowed me to generate significant income without working in an office:

Even though the above presentation focused on gold, I would like to say a bit more on Gold. As you know, Gold is the Money of Kings. Would you like to acquire as much gold as you want and a full time income at the same time? If so, then please review this information:

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What is charity?

A fellow VIVA Crown holder said this:


How to help folks in a truly meaningful and sustainable way is a very real challenge. I do some work in Haiti to try to help folks there. Most of it is focused on Children, providing an education, and in some cases housing, mainly.
When there, the people asked what I brought for them often. This is because they’ve been conditioned to expect visitors to bring them something.
Because of my involvement, I am often contacted by individuals asking me for money. They all have a story and it’s generally a real one. But it’s usually not beneficial to just give to them.
Example: A young lady asked me for $600 to help her start a business selling things on her island (La Gonave). I asked her to provide me with costs, expected returns and a repayment plan to get my funds returned. I’m not a wealthy person anyways, but I thought if she could return it then I could offer someone else the same opportunity. Plus, if she had to pay it back then perhaps I could expect more soberness and diligence on her part, rather than squandering the funds.
She wanted nothing to do with it – shocked that I’d asked to be reimbursed for investing in her business. They’ve been conditioned by donations and well-wishers who are myopic in their efforts to help. Disasters in Haiti have included the relief efforts themselves, for many different reasons. Of course, much of that is the elite/cronies taking from the pile. But much of the challenge is helping them to raise themselves above their circumstances rather than simply providing handouts.
That was part of the reason I came up with the regenerative model I did. It offers to raise all the ships on the island through enablement rather than meeting short-term needs. It’s the teaching to fish concept…

Intro to FutureAdPro and FutureNet

FutureAdPro is a revenue-share advertising company. In simple terms what this means is that you are entitled to get your money back plus profit over time without having to refer anyone. Why is there no need to refer anyone? Simple, the company shares the revenue from the purchases of all members with all the other members, even if they have not referred them.

Please realize that all business carries risk. I stated above that you are entitled to your purchase price plus profits. Of course, that presumes the company continues operation. However, as you learn more about FutureAdPro and FutureNet, and the large number of revenue streams they will share with all members, you will become increasingly confident of their ability to sustain themselves for decades to come.

They are a project of the parent company FutureNet, whose offices you can see here as well as many other videos.

The co-founders of FutureNet are  Stephan Morgenstern and Roman Zieman. The initial project of FutureNet was an encrypted social network similar to Facebook but with the advantage of not sharing your information with government agencies. They will be launching coffee shops, online shopping and online gambling in the coming months as well as their own cryptocurrency called Futurocoin. They held a conference in March 2017 in Poland. And what is really exciting is that the revenue from all of these activities suppors the revshare according to our team leader Steve Lawson.

How to make money with Future AdPro ?

In Future AdPro we are buying advertisement packages (called “AdPack”). One AdPack costs 50$ and generates 120% (60$) . Our packages grows and we get 1% profit everyday . Every 15 minutes you can see your balance increase! Here is a brief video giving you an overview:

Cashback is good, referrals are even better

It’s nice to have a business where you can break (and then profit 20%) even without referring others. All that is required is that you click 10 ads per day to qualify for your share of the company profit share. But in all honesty if you expect to earn any serious income with this business, you need to build a referral network.

The company rewards users who actively helps to develop the platform and pays for referring to others. In this case, we earn up to 5 levels deep of referrals! To receive commissions on all levels we pay an annual or bi-annual affiliate fee:

futurenet adpro commissions
In fact, the real way to earn in FutureAdPro is to withdraw you earnings once every six days and use them to buy quality traffic to your business. You will not earn significant revenue even with the max of 1000 Ad Packs just by having ad packs. Watch this video for details.


The Friend Tree Matrix

As I mentioned, FutureAdPro is a child project of FutureNet. The FutureNet social platform has 6 different forced matrixes.

Whenever you withdraw from FutureAdPro, 5% of your money is used to pay for a position in these matrixes until you have a position in all 6:


futurenet adpro matryca


Registration in Future AdPro is free. And you are automatically added to the FutureNet social network where we can chat, upload picture, etc. Register with this link.



Sharing revenue with the hundreds of others buying advertising packages is wonderful – you earn income every 15 minutes even if you have referred no one else. However, the company has many other income streams, some actual some planned:

  • The FutureNet social network. This network is encrypted and does not share your information with outside government agencies.
  • Online gambling
  • Coffee houses
  • Cryptocurrency


Announcing Referral Bank

Referral Bank is a concept I have been playing for awhile. It’s similar to the website referral key. Except that we operate in a Skype room. The idea is this:

Everyone wants to get referrals for their programs. And the best people to register are other business builders. That how MLM Recruit on Demand came about.

But you know what is better than inviting another networker to look at your business? Calling him up to join his… assuming he wants to do a fair and equal swap with you and your biz!

That Referral Bank. It’s called a bank because you build up your trust based on how long you have been in and how many swaps you have done successfully.

Here is a link to our Skype room and here is our spreadsheet of members

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