Invitation to Wealth

I feel it is my responsibility to tell everyone how I have been earning so much income without having a full-time job. This video
explains the 3 wealth vehicles that have allowed me to generate significant income without working in an office:

Even though the above presentation focused on gold, I would like to say a bit more on Gold. As you know, Gold is the Money of Kings. Would you like to acquire as much gold as you want and a full time income at the same time? If so, then please review this information:

Are you aware that government issued currencies lose purchasing power, sometimes completely? Please review this information:


Managing your team

Once you have one or more referrals in All in One Profits, it’s time to start promoting on their behalf. Because AIOP THE REAL TEAM promotes downwards.

So follow these steps to help build a team.

First, register at LeadsLeap.

Create a page for your downline member(s) using our page creator.

Now, add that link in LeadsLeap as this screenshot shows:

  1. Login to LeadsLeap
  2. Under “The Real Tracker” Click on “My TRT Links”
  3. Enter the URL for your team member
  4. Click “Add link”
  5. You must click “Save” at the bottom to actually save the link. I also suggest that you turn off the “Monetize ads” option just above the save button.

Once you have added the link, now put the link in your rotator

  1. Login to LeadsLeap
  2. Under “The Real Tracker” Click on “My Rotators”
  3. Click on “Add Rotator” and create a new rotator.
  4. Once created,  click on the links icon in your rotator as shown here.
  5. Click on “Add to this rotator” as shown here
  6. A pop-over will come up listing all links you have saved. Select the link you just created as shown here.
  7. Scroll down and click Submit as shown here.
  8. Your new link will show in the rotator now as shown here.

You can visit the rotator link over and over and each time a different team member will show.


What is charity?

A fellow VIVA Crown holder said this:


How to help folks in a truly meaningful and sustainable way is a very real challenge. I do some work in Haiti to try to help folks there. Most of it is focused on Children, providing an education, and in some cases housing, mainly.
When there, the people asked what I brought for them often. This is because they’ve been conditioned to expect visitors to bring them something.
Because of my involvement, I am often contacted by individuals asking me for money. They all have a story and it’s generally a real one. But it’s usually not beneficial to just give to them.
Example: A young lady asked me for $600 to help her start a business selling things on her island (La Gonave). I asked her to provide me with costs, expected returns and a repayment plan to get my funds returned. I’m not a wealthy person anyways, but I thought if she could return it then I could offer someone else the same opportunity. Plus, if she had to pay it back then perhaps I could expect more soberness and diligence on her part, rather than squandering the funds.
She wanted nothing to do with it – shocked that I’d asked to be reimbursed for investing in her business. They’ve been conditioned by donations and well-wishers who are myopic in their efforts to help. Disasters in Haiti have included the relief efforts themselves, for many different reasons. Of course, much of that is the elite/cronies taking from the pile. But much of the challenge is helping them to raise themselves above their circumstances rather than simply providing handouts.
That was part of the reason I came up with the regenerative model I did. It offers to raise all the ships on the island through enablement rather than meeting short-term needs. It’s the teaching to fish concept…

Beware the Referral Frenzy Madness

[5:06:40 AM] Klaus Biesel: I am holding back today as the referral frenzy madness is still ongoing,
[5:06:56 AM] Matthew Pugh: What madness is that?
[5:07:01 AM] arrais.nafie: Hi Klaus, I am fine I hope you are also
[5:07:37 AM] Klaus Biesel: on the first 2 days of the month everybody send its earned bonus credits to all mailers where they are free as well
[5:08:11 AM] Klaus Biesel: number of mils is increasing by 100 percent and ctr drops at the same rate due to nobody reads more than usual

Klaus Biesel
at those days I only mail with ressources where I really have unlimted ressources
i save those FREE credits until close to the end of the month against the mainstream ūüôā

THE REAL TEAM downward-promoting Team Splash Page

If you click on this link, you will see a team splash page that rotates members of my downline each time.

You should right click on that link and save that HTML file to your local computer.

Then go down to the bottom of the HTML file and you see see a section that looks like this:

var team = {

  Klausius : {
    name : "Klaus Biesel",
    pic : "",
  das1 : {
    name : "David Stoddard",
    pic : "",
  Jordi : {
   name : "George Thompson",
   pic : "",


You need to edit this section and have an entry for each member of your downline. Then each time the page is loaded, a random member of your downline will be displayed.

You should then upload this file to your AIOP web hosting.



When you first start with AIOP THE REAL TEAM, you will be promoting your page with no team members to promote for. Your sponsor of course will be promoting downwards. But you should also promote for yourself. Simply fill in the fields below and you will have a link to a page that you can begin to promote immediately.

I recommend using LeadsLeap for both tracking and rotating. You can contact your sponsor for his sign-up link.

All in One Profits as a Home Business

When deciding on a home business, you want one that you will be with for a long time. And there are only 3 things that will keep you interested in a business for the long term: the money, the product and the marketing support. Let’s take a look at these 3 factors one by one:


Let’s go over the money questions you might have about this business:

  • How much does this business cost? All in One Profits costs $12/month for basic membership and $22/month for pro membership.
  • What is the break-even point? You earn 100% commissions on your team members. So you will almost break even in your home business after your first referral and be in profit with your second one. With numbers like this, you can expect long-term retention rate of new members who apply themselves to add 1 or 2 members to their business quickly.
  • How many people does it take to make $10,000 per month in this business? Only 1,000 people and you can do that by simply adding 1 person per month to your business. See this compensation plan page for details.

So that should handle all of your money questions. But if not connect with us on Skype for some realtime chat.


The product of All in One Profits is a complete internet marketing tool set – email list builders, web page builders, web hosting, link trackers, link rotators and much more. These are the tools needed to build any online business.


What good is a business if you don’t have presentation tools and a supportive team backing you? All in One Profits is good but when you combine a great company and great payplan with a team like AIOP THE REAL TEAM, you truly have dynamite.


Intro to FutureAdPro and FutureNet

FutureAdPro is a revenue-share advertising company. In simple terms what this means is that you are entitled to get your money back plus profit over time without having to refer anyone. Why is there no need to refer anyone? Simple, the company shares the revenue from the purchases of all members with all the other members, even if they have not referred them.

Please realize that all business carries risk. I stated above that you are entitled to your purchase price plus profits. Of course, that presumes the company continues operation. However, as you learn more about FutureAdPro and FutureNet, and the large number of revenue streams they will share with all members, you will become increasingly confident of their ability to sustain themselves for decades to come.

They are a project of the parent company FutureNet, whose offices you can see here as well as many other videos.

The co-founders of FutureNet are  Stephan Morgenstern and Roman Zieman. The initial project of FutureNet was an encrypted social network similar to Facebook but with the advantage of not sharing your information with government agencies. They will be launching coffee shops, online shopping and online gambling in the coming months as well as their own cryptocurrency called Futurocoin. They held a conference in March 2017 in Poland. And what is really exciting is that the revenue from all of these activities suppors the revshare according to our team leader Steve Lawson.

How to make money with Future AdPro ?

In Future AdPro we are buying advertisement packages (called “AdPack”). One AdPack costs 50$ and generates 120% (60$) . Our packages grows and we get 1% profit everyday . Every 15 minutes you can see your balance increase! Here¬†is a brief video giving you an overview:

Cashback is good, referrals are even better

It’s nice to have a business where you can break (and then profit 20%) even without referring others. All that is required is that you click 10 ads per day to qualify for your share of the company profit share. But in all honesty if you expect to earn any serious income with this business, you need to build a referral network.

The company rewards users who actively helps to develop the platform and pays for referring to others. In this case, we earn up to 5 levels deep of referrals! To receive commissions on all levels we pay an annual or bi-annual affiliate fee:

futurenet adpro commissions
In fact, the real way to earn in FutureAdPro is to withdraw you earnings once every six days and use them to buy quality traffic to your business. You will not earn significant revenue even with the max of 1000 Ad Packs just by having ad packs. Watch this video for details.


The Friend Tree Matrix

As I mentioned, FutureAdPro is a child project of FutureNet. The FutureNet social platform has 6 different forced matrixes.

Whenever you withdraw from FutureAdPro, 5% of your money is used to pay for a position in these matrixes until you have a position in all 6:


futurenet adpro matryca


Registration in Future AdPro is free. And you are automatically added to the FutureNet social network where we can chat, upload picture, etc. Register with this link.



Sharing revenue with the hundreds of others buying advertising packages is wonderful – you earn income every 15 minutes even if you have referred no one else. However, the company has many other income streams, some actual some planned:

  • The FutureNet social network. This network is encrypted and does not share your information with outside government agencies.
  • Online gambling
  • Coffee houses
  • Cryptocurrency


Getting Started in All in One Profits with AIOP THE REAL TEAM

This is your A-Z guide on participating in AIOP THE REAL TEAM.

  1. Create your page and start promoting! Hook into a traffic source. We will share our favorites with you in 24-hour Skype room.
  2. In the Team Skype room, mention who your sponsor is and provide your AIOP username. Your sponsor will (1) create a team splash page, (2) add your link to his team rotator and (3) Register you as a sign-up in our success spreadsheet.  (the old one was not editable by all members)
  3. Request your web hosting access by logging in, clicking on Toolbox -> Products and then scrolling down to “Create my hosting access”¬†. It will be ready in 24-48 hours.
  4. Once your hosting is setup you want to create a mininum of 2 blog entries on AIOP THE REAL TEAM – the overview post and the getting started post (the one you are reading).
  5. Later you will create extra AIOP THE REAL TEAM blog entries such as success stories, power of compensation, unique selling points of our team, etc. Be creative and tell your own story.
  6. Once you have a member in your downline, you will need to promote for all members of your team by building a rotator which contains all your team member pages.
  7. When you have some free time, you can read over these pages: Klaus’ getting started¬†page, Klaus’ how to build a team page
  8. Keep promoting!

Email Swipes

When you send out a solo ad, you might send out a text email message. Here are some sample suggestions for text. I tend to use a banner instead of text, but it’s up to you.

Joey Wilson’s

Jan Cabrera’s

Subject: Team Building with AIOP – never been easier – 3 steps to succes

Hi there,
it has never been easier to build your own team.

Receive multiple payments of 10 USD each month.
Receive your own Hosting package
Receive your own Auto-responder

All you need to do is following
the 3 Steps as shown at our

To your success

Klaus Biesel’s

Klaus has email swipes, banners and much more at his team page. Check it out . Here is the one I use:

Ideas for your HEADLINE in email campaigns:

I promote my members AIOP account, are you in?

Our team promotes downwards, thats why we succeed!

AIOP is just awesome, so is our team – read why

Our team is real people

made of flesh and blood. Not just a bunch of pictures. Join us, let us help each other stop promoting alone.

Join at AIOP.

Visit The REAL TEAMROOM at Skype

and let us get you started.

AIOP is Awesome

Here is what you get:

  • Your own website HOSTING package!
  • Your own autoresponder!
  • Your own splashpages.
  • Your own Tracking solution
  • Your own downline builder

And a lot more….

Best is only one paid member and you are break even. Start earning month by month recurring income for years to come

To our success,

Terrence Brannon

AIOP THE REAL TEAM Unique Selling Points

All in One Profits is a great business, but what team should you join?

It is fine to have a business, but when you a team of positive people focused on success, then you have the rocket fuel to keep you going towards the financial freedom you are looking for. Below I discuss

We promote downwards

When you join our team-build, we promote your link. It is a win-win for both of us, because your even-numbered referrals are passed up to the person promoting for you.


We have way more sign-ups than this success page shows. But I’m starting to keep track of where all the sign-ups we are getting are coming from.

Traffic, traffic, traffic

3 of our members own traffic exchanges (Klaus owns Whitelist Email Marketing, Elizabeta owns Soft Fruit Traffic and Garry owns northern mailer redstag hits and redstag mailer). Another member (Joey Wilson) is a very aggressive marketer with good experience using Referral Frenzy and Safelist Organizer. Harvey Moore already has 3 sign-ups, great discipline from a military background and has already declared he is in it to win it.


Are you ready?

The payplan of AIOP is great as you can see. So if you are ready, just click on the hot blonde and let’s get going!


Come Check Us Out!