THE REAL TEAM downward-promoting Team Splash Page

If you click on this link, you will see a team splash page that rotates members of my downline each time.

You should right click on that link and save that HTML file to your local computer.

Then go down to the bottom of the HTML file and you see see a section that looks like this:

var team = {

  Klausius : {
    name : "Klaus Biesel",
    pic : "",
  das1 : {
    name : "David Stoddard",
    pic : "",
  Jordi : {
   name : "George Thompson",
   pic : "",


You need to edit this section and have an entry for each member of your downline. Then each time the page is loaded, a random member of your downline will be displayed.

You should then upload this file to your AIOP web hosting.