Why you should not join Ambit

This is coming from a person who made RC. let’s keep it simple. First you dont get paid on consultants in the first level (MC – marketing consultant). You could have tons of consultants sponsoring tons of consultants and you would earn NOTHING on them, just because Ambit decided that you shouldnt be paid on them.

Next, the people above you get paid more on your business than you do. Consumer choice marketing got that one right and Ambit didnt.

Finally, I will let this ridiculous email directly from Ambit say the rest. I thought a network marketing business was about building walkaway residual income. Well not with Ambit!

Ambit Energy
Action Required on Your Ambit Business

Dear Terrence Brannon,

We’re glad to have you as an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant. We’ve noticed, however, you haven’t enrolled a new Customer or sponsored a new Consultant for a while. As stated in Section 10.2 of the Ambit Policies & Procedures document:

To remain active, a Consultant must sponsor a new Consultant or enroll a new energy Customer within the preceding four months, or maintain a minimum of 20 pending or energized Customer points. If a Consultant does not sponsor a new Consultant or enroll a new energy Customer in the preceding four months, or maintain a minimum of 20 pending or energized Customer points, the Consultant’s Ambit business will be placed into inactive status and no commission will trigger until the position is reactivated by sponsoring a new Customer or Consultant. This rule does not apply in the Consultant’s first year.

We show that you still have 15 days to maintain your active status. If you have any questions, please reach out to your upline, or call Ambit Energy Consultant Support at (877) 302-6248 Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., or Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CT.

Thank You,

The Ambit Consultant Support Team

Why I left iMarketsLive

iMarketsLive has one outstanding pro: the CEO is right in the trenches with you and directly available. That being said, having sampled the 3 products of iMarketsLive (live trading room, harmonic scanner and signals), I think they are all good products. However, with the breakup of membership in IML between marketers and customers, I think you would agree that many customers (such as myself) only want the signals. I personally cannot justify paying for services I cannot use. I wrote to support requesting that we be able to purchase trading services on a per-trader basis. They logged the feedback, but of course nothing will change immediately. Because you can only follow 2 traders, I am effectively spending $75.00 per trader. I can find traders for $20 to $50 per trader with stronger records here:



All the money I’ve lost in Home Business

  1. $2,000 in WCM777 – a ponzi scheme that supposedly provided loan money to hotels, etc
  2. $1,000 in Sports Betting with Steve
  3. $300 in Binary Options with Steve via Options Rider
  4. $5,000 is probably lost in Binary Options with CTOptions – a broker called me up and said “we will trade your money for 2 weeks and you can get back your deposit at 2 weeks regardless” – after doing well for 2 weeks they now have done nothing but lose money and make excuses.
  5. $8,000 following Michael Murrihy of Copy Our Trades – details
  6. $500 or so in UInvest
  7. $2,000 lost in London Metals Market – supposedly they did margin trading on Silver… called me up on the phone. First thjng he said was: “I’m checking on the information I sent you” .. and of course he had sent nothing.

My reply to Sri Sraddhalu Ranade on Money: How it works and why it doesn’t ?

In the video Sri Sraddhalu Ranade on Money: How it works and why it doesn’t , we hear the following from Sri Ranade :

We are in an age where everything is valued in terms of its price instead of other things such as knowledge, heroism or skill.

My response:

  • Previous ages based on barter suffered from lack of coincidence of want. The price is there so that there can be an exchange of value without having to have a coincidence of want. If you need a loaf of bread, what good is the fact that you can solve differential equations in and of itself? Nothing! And who needs to barter with you for that? Not the grocery store owner, most likely.
  • Furthermore, there are certain cryptocurrencies such as WhyCoin that are in fact based on Proof of Knowledge.
  • And finally do not confuse money with currency. The rupee, the US Dollar, the Euro are all NOT MONEY, none of them. They are not finite and they do not have intrinsic wealth. Update: later in the video he speaks of a time when the currency had intrinsic wealth.


Every age has an end, we are reaching the end of the financial cycle when all is valued by money alone.

My response:

Real money is not a physical object.

The dictionary doesnt agree with you. I would save the terms “money” and “currency” for what the dictonaary says and give the metaphysical predecessor that Sri Aurobindo talks about another name. Technically everything you see is consciousness, but it is not practical to label everything consciousness.

Active consciousness is female and witness consciousness is male:

That may be true in Indian mysticism but Chinese yin-yang theory inverts this.

The right use of money is to create the largest benefit.

Yes. This is very wise. Now, the vision of this will finally be entering India after a long, hard fight. As it stands for the past millenium and longer, the people of India and most of the world has been spending money separately instead of using the power of togetherness. That is changing as we speak. Currently, when money is spent for goods and services, you just get the product. Soon, all of the following will happen with each purchase:

  • you will save money
  • your two closest friends will earn money (from the fact that you saved money. and they were not even buying anything).
  • the environment gets helped
  • educational and medical supplies are provided for the needy

ALL of that with each purchase. It has been happening for 12 years in Europe, 4 years in the USA and will be entering India in March of 2016.

A single grain bursts out into hundreds of grains.

This is in fact how this system coming to India works… 1 becomes 4. 4 becomes 16. 16 becomes 64 and so on… from a single “seed” comes many fruit which then drop seed and produce more fruit.

Money flows out and comes back

Yes! Most purchasing involves only flowing out, with no coming back… but imagine if purchasing were a cycle where you got money back with each purchase and a number of people and initiatives were helped with each purchase? And do realize: this is not really what-if because we have been doing it for 12 years.

Poverty is not spiritual or divine.

Fascinating viewpoint.

Characteristics associated with Shakti are emerging, so women will play a more important role

Hilary Clinton president? 🙂

Layers of devaluing – from paper currency,  to stocks

Interesting. Never thought about stocks that way.




Cryptocurrency Billionaire – daily operation

Becoming a cryptocurrency millionaire uses these strategies on a daily basis:

  1. buying the largest market cap altcoins on every significant dip – if Google goes down 4% in one day, do you honestly not think it wont be back up 6% or more within a month? Same applies to the cryptospace. Every morning look at the strongest cryptocurrencies which have experienced a drop in the last 24 hours and then buy then and place a sell order for a 6% gain. Compounded earnings at 6% double every 12 rounds of compounding. So you should be able to double your money every month. I currently like BitTrex for all my trading unless I need to use OpenLedger, which is also awesome (but make sure you download your wallet, because they dont have your wallet at all – just you!).
  2. Take a look at the latest new cryptocurrency projects. Whichever ones seem novel and useful buy $100 worth of their coin. When it is worth $1,000, sell 50%. Now you $500 to put into 5 more novel projects while that other $500 continues to soar through the roof. What daily places to look for the best deals in altcoins:
    1. The Cyber.Fund Radar
    2. BitcoinTalk Altcoin announcements
    3. BitcoinTalk Service Announcements
  3. Chatting with my crew on Skype and Slack. I run with ADSactly, the autonomous decentralized economy. My Skype ID = thequietcenter.
  4. Deciding on my investments in the Wealth Builders Network Hedge Fund.




Home Business Opportunities

  1. Rent your credit card available credit to improve others credit score (they will not spend). – $1500 bi-monthly
  2. Forex with Signal Trader  – 3% weekly on 10,000 -> $5000 monthly
  3. Binary Options through SignalPush – 300 weekly on 20,000 -> $5000 monthly
  4. ADSactly – 20% on 10,000 -> 5,000 monthly
  5. Exitus Elite – 2 sales per month  = $2,000
  6. Tranont – 4 sales per month = ?


Cryptocurrency Millionaire – follow the action

I just finished speaking with a cryptocurrency daytrader, who is aligned with ADSactly, with the following history:

  • bought FUEL coin at 600 sats, sold at 20k sats. 3000x return in 90 days
  • 5x return on Ethereum in 30 days

Actually prior to this the founder of ADSactly, Micah Wallace, got me into Gamecredits. I bought $200 worth. I watched the price sink by 20 to 40% but today my $200 worth of GMC is worth $350.. so that’s almost doubling my money in the space of 40-60 days. But that’s old news.

So my goal is to start with $1,000 worth of cryptocurrency and use his advice to become a millionaire. On this day 2/17/16, the cryptocurrency daytrader (Damien) who is aligned with ADSactly, has stated to me that he will be rallying behind GEMS, which is trading at 4000 sats (or about 2 cents).

This will be the main post linking to all the subposts as I post profit after profit on my way to 1 million in earnings. CCM is my abbreviation for cryptocurrency millionaire.